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October is finally here! The best month for all horror buffs. If you're doing the 31 horror movie challenge or stocking up for a Halloween of horror, I have picked a select few that you should definitely watch!

We Are Still Here

We are still here is first on the list, as I looked throughout the internet to find a decent unglamorous horror I stumbled upon this gem of the genre. Admittedly the cover photo for this doesn't peak a high expectation at first. After checking the imdb score and hoping for the best it turns out to be one of the best horrors I have seen this year. The plot is simple yet has a twist that keeps your mind working, it has a healthy balance of horror and drama and doesn't over do the scares (unlike most.) To top it off it ends in a glorified horror way, what more could you hope for? Because of that I highly recommend you put this on your list!

Halloween (Rob Zombie)

Okay so I know that I got the wrong cover art for this but the Halloween Reboot is a must see! Die hard fans hate this movie (I don't see why other than stubbornness) but it happens to be one of my all time favourites. Much grittier than the originals and classic Rob Zombie film work, it's a must see if you want to see a solid built, psychopath kill horny teenagers, kind of movie. There's even rumors of a third on the way!

Nightmare on Elm Street Series

Not much can be said on this. Everyone knows who Freddy is, and if you haven't watched all of them (including the reboot) do it. Now.

Knock Knock

Keanu Reeves, horror, home invasion, need I say more? Only pulling in just over 5 stars on IMDB this film is totally underrated! This is the most realistic of the movies I have picked and it's throughly enjoyable, I won't spoil any plot points as it's fairly new out, but when you get the chance take your other half and enjoy!

And now the best for last


Demonic is my favourite of all the movies, directed by the now famous James Wan, I was surprised that I didn't hear of this! It's a fresh take on haunted houses as it mixes POV with 3rd person camera angles, goes from past to future (with tons of drama in both) and kept me on edge guessing all the way through. Not to mention the great ending they provided, although a tad cliché. This one should definitely be on your horror list this year.

So that's my short list for this year's halloween! But there is just a few other movies that do deserve a mention;

House of 1000 Corpses,




It Follows.

Do you have any that deserve a mention? Comment below!


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