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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

Whitewashing in Hollywood has been at a high these last couple of years. We've seen them turn many different ethic groups white, not thinking about how much it pisses us off to see it happen. As a mutli-raced individual, I myself have felt the pain at heart. Seeing them change my race(s) to Caucasians, it is not right and needs to be stopped!

Now Edward Zo has felt it in person; he recently auditioned for a part in the upcoming Death Note by Warner Bros. and got shot down for being Asian? The young actor had this to say.

Hey, want a bite? Tag someone that I should take out on a date | ps if we ever go on a date I would like to talk about deep subjects with you. One subject I might talk about are the politics of race. Yes i am working my tail off & making strides in Hollywood, but I must also confess that I've been told to my face that I can't audition for certain big Hollywood projects because I'm Asian. being one of them. In 2015 this is happening & it happens a lot. If you are ethnic & you want to succeed in this town you must be OK with working 20x harder than your peers to even be on the same playing field & even then the playing field is definitely not even. In a previous post I mentioned that if you rely on other people to make your dreams come true you will be disappointed: case & point. Hollywood is one of the few industries that can get away with this type of blatant racism. It is a common occurrence that you will not even have the chance to audition because of your race or ethnicity & yet Hollywood loves to parade under the guise of multiculturalism; It's a complete facade. I made a video about what it's like being an Asian actor in Hollywood in 2015- tap on the link in my bio to watch it. | | - Via Instagram

It's very sad that he auditioned for an Asian part and wasn't even considered because he had an Asian background. He felt so angered by Hollywood that last Friday he took his complaint to YouTube. Check out his video below:

Warner Bros. has not put out an official statement about this, so we can only take Mr. Zo's word. But actor Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers) tweeted "I auditioned for Death Note, so I can't attest to the validity of this." With these two mixed confessions who do we believe? I say both. They are two wonderful, down to earth, actors/models whose careers I've been following for a while. Neither seems like the type of person who would lie about such a matter.

Whitewashing is serious matter that we - as fans - need to fight against. Things will only get better if we bring the darkness to light - no pun intended- and make Hollywood understand that we will not just sit back and let them do this. Thank you for taking time out your day to read my article and please comment your thoughts, see you guys again soon!


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