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Announced last week at New York Comic-Con was news that All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW) are in the process of developing an English live-action movie adaption of popular anime series Tiger & Bunny.

ANEW is partnering with Bandai Namco - makers of Tiger & Bunny - and Imagine Entertainment to bring the loved anime series to life. Oscar-winning Ron Howard (The Da Vinci Code), Brian Grazer (The Bastard Executioner) are onboard as producers.

ANEW's Annemarie Bailey, Masayuki Ozaki and Sandy Climan will be overseeing the film on behalf of Bandai Namco Pictures. As for Imagine Entertainment they will have their president, Erica Huggins, on site as their representative. Mr. Ozaki worked on the previous Tiger & Bunny Japanese projects. Hopefully with him onboard they don't stray to far from the original story.

Tiger & Bunny is anime about people called 'Next' living in Sternbild City with special abilities, who go around saving people like superheroes. Wild Tiger is an old hero who prefers to work alone. He has to rethink his ways when he's assigned rookie hero Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Bunny). Tiger, Bunny and many other superheroes all compete on a show called 'Hero TV' where all their heroic duties are recorded and tallied up to see who takes home the title of 'King of Heroes.'

I'm such a big fan of the show and super excited to see it adapted - and it seems like Annamarie Bailey is too: "I was immediately drawn to Tiger & Bunny when I first encountered the series in Japan — from the compelling storylines to the dynamic characters," Bailey said. "The concept is a fresh new take on the superhero genre. It was a Herculean team effort, but after actively pursuing the live-action rights, we are honored that the director Keiichi Sato, producer Masayuki Ozaki and the original creators have put their trust in us to share these much-loved characters with a whole new audience."

"In case you’re feeling uneasy about this,” Masayuki reassured, “as we all know, not all properties adapted from comics or animation have done well or have been done well. But for this Tiger & Bunny live-action adaptation, I have two words: Trust us.” - Masayuki told Mobile.Geek

Well Mr. Masayuki if you want our trust, we will trust you. Please deliver us the beautiful Tiger & Bunny adaption we deserve - we're counting on you!


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