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I enjoy many fandoms, including Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and many more. I'm always learning new th
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This is all about the "nerdy" movie era that we currently are in, and also the future of it. I am quite immersed in the movie world, it is very much a hobby of mine. So i'm hoping to share some of my movie knowledge with you. So let's get started, hang on kid.

Now to start off i'd like to first talk about the word "nerd" to avoid any confusion. If you look up the word "nerd" in the dictionary you will find it says, "an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd". That is somewhat accurate, but when I think of "nerd" I think of someone obsessed (yes, you are. just admit it) with a subject. Normally revolving around: books, films, tv shows, comic books(they are different from regular books), and/or video games. Now we could argue for days about what you can be a "nerd" about. Technically you can be a nerd about anything, cars, sports, history, singers, television, ect. But when I say 'nerd' or 'nerdy' I mean something you would see at a comic-con. So as an example, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, stuff like that. Also, to me, "nerd" is NEVER an insult. I wear the title "nerd" with pride. So hopefully this has enlightened you on what, at least I consider, the definition of the word 'nerd'. Now on to what this is all about, sorry if this part was a little long for you.

Star Wars

I'm going to start here with Star Wars. Star wars may not be my favorite movie franchise but it will always have I special place in my nerdy heart. It was the very first nerdy movie franchise I was introduced to, and I have loved it for over 10 years now. With Disney now owning Star Wars there is several movies in the works. They have a new trilogy, with VII coming out in just a short time away, there is there is that to look forward to in the near future. Disney also has several other Star Wars movies in the works, like a Boba Fett movie and Rouge One. Disney has plans for Star Wars Movies for at least the next 10 years, and I personally hope they keep going after that.


Now on to DC, i'm sure lots of you are fans of this one. I do enjoy DC (more than just batman) Movies and TV shows, but this is just about the movies, so I won't talk about arrow or the flash (they are awesome). DC is finally trying to get some headway in the movie industry, and moving on beyond just Batman movies. They are finally building a universe, so now their varies movies will connect, like the Marvel movies. I was not that impressed with Man of Steel (sorry DC fans) i'm not being hateful I was just saying. But I am hopeful on their upcoming movies, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Wonder Woman, ect. There is lots of DC characters I enjoy, so I do hope DC has some real success in 2016. I want them to be putting out 3+ movies a year like Marvel.

Harry Potter

I am a fan of HP, but i'm not a super fan. I didn't read the books, and I don't plan on it (sorry Potter heads). I know the last HP movie was like 4 years ago, but it still applies. Recently I read that other movie is going to be made. It wasn't just a rumor, it was confirmed, but there was nearly no info about it. I have no idea if it's a prequel, or a sequel of Harry as an adult. What i do know is if they are making more HP movies they will probably be successful, and will open doors for more. Because HP was a power house when they were doing their saga, so the fans will swarm. Keep an eye out for these in the semi near future.

Lord of the Rings

These are really good. With the recent "Hobbit" trilogy now in the past there are no confirmed movies to look forward too. I have read the hobbit and the LotR books and I will soon start with one of the others. But from what i can get from true LotR fans is they are pretty much begging for more movies. If they did make more movie that would make me happy, it is a good franchise. So even though there is nothing to look forward to right now I still wanted to make a point of mentioning LotR. Especially, since they just had a trilogy, so here's to hoping for more Tolkien movies.

Star Trek

For the record I am an enjoyer of both sides, Star Wars and Star Trek, Marvel and DC. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyway I know there isn't much planned, but they do have more planned than LotR. They have a 3rd movie of the rebooted franchise coming out next year. If it does good, and it will, hopefully they will continue making more. I have enjoyed Star Trek, Star Trek: into darkness, and some of the older movies. The one advantage is with the great movie technology the new movies have a huge difference over the old movies. I am looking forward to the new Star Trek movie.


Now for my favorite franchise out of all of them, Marvel. Now the Marvel i'm referring to Marvel Studios, but I do like most of the Fox Marvel movies. I do enjoy all of the rest but Marvel is still my favorite. Marvel by far has the best long term movie plan. They have like 20 movies in the works for the next 5 years. Way more than the runner up, DC, who has like 12 movies planned for the next 7 years. Not trying to trash DC, just making a point. There is so much to look forward from marvel. Civil war, Thor 3, Guardians of the galaxy 2, Infinity war, Black panther, Doctor strange, and so much more. Another great thing they've done and made the "movie universe" idea popular. DC is now doing that, Transformers is doing that also. Marvel is the true movie power house right now, star wars may have more popularity, but Marvel has way more movies in the works. I'm always so excited when a Marvel comes out, I don't see them slowing down anytime soon.

The rest

Now I could keep going for such a long time about the various movie franchises. Hunger games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Narnia, and even more. I do enjoy them but I just wanted to get my point across about the "nerdy" movie era we are a part of, and the main franchises that contribute to that. Now from a scale from 1 to 10 how excited are you to go see some nerdy movies? Well, it's a 10, duh.


What is your favorite nerdy movie franchise?


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