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Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston recently shared his interest in being a super villain for a Marvel film and looks like he has his eyes on a specific one.

During a panel for his upcoming show SuperMansion at the New York Comic-Con, Cranston was asked about his recent Marvel super villain interest and if he had any specific ones in mind.

Turns out that he had one "sinister" villain in mind:

Mr. Sinister

That's right! Heisenberg is interested in bringing X-Men super villain to life/to the silver screen. After years of work on Breaking Bad, and seeing his villainous transformation from Walter White to Heisenberg, it would be very interesting to see Cranston's take on Mr. Sinister.
I know I already have one match-up in mind:

Deadpool vs. Mr. Sinister

Oh yeah. Action galore.
Oh yeah. Action galore.

If it were up to me, I'd love to see Mr. Sinister show up in a future Deadpool movie and see him go toe-to-toe with the Merc With A Mouth. With Sinister's villainous ways, telepathy, and strength against Deadpool's spontaneous violent ideas, katana-slashing skills, and smartass remarks, it'd be one heck of a movie. The awesomeness would be beyond any fanboy's dreams.

Oh, Deadpool...
Oh, Deadpool...

What are your thoughts on Cranston's pick, for a Marvel super villain?

(Source: IGN)


Would you be interested in seeing Bryan Cranston as Mr. Sinister?


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