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Ryan Murphy's third installment of American Horror Story was a huge success that introduced iconic characters to the AHS world and welcomed now-ASH veterans Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett. Coven was such a success that Murphy created his new hit series Scream Queens, which features Emma Roberts playing a role similar to her coven character. Although the season ended more than two years ago with the announcement of Cordelia Foxx (played by Sarah Paulson) as the new Supreme, following her mother's steps, many people argue the succession should have gone to another character because it was too predictable. Although I agree with this group of people, I do believe Cordelia's successor has already been announced, or at least has proven to be a viable candidate.

Zoe Benson, played by Taissa Farmiga, was the first character to be introduced in the third season of American Horror Story. Although it appeared she would become the next Supreme for her coven, it was actually Cordelia who was ultimately chosen. Personally, I had hoped she would have been announced as the new Supreme; however, I believe she could possibly still be Cordelia's successor because she had shown her capacity to perform all Seven Wonders needed to be the one chosen. Although in the final episode we see Zoe perform telekinesis, concilium, descensum, and transmutation, she dies while playing tag with Queenie and Madison. She was eventually brought back to life by Cordelia who, at that point, discovered she would be the next Supreme. However, we see in previous episodes that Zoe is able to perform the other three wonders.


In the first episode of Coven titled "Bitchcraft", Zoe is taken to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies after she accidentally kills her boyfriend. After entering the school, she is "greeted" by the other girls in robes and masks which ultimately scares Zoe. Just as Madison Montgomery pretends to stab her, Zoe is able to intensify the candle's flames that were placed on the table.


In the episode titled "The Axeman Cometh," Zoe Benson searches for a way to get rid of the spirit she conjured up. Being that she's new to the witchcraft world, Zoe attempts to find a spell or incantation using the books in the school's bookcase. However she doesn't know where to look exactly so she closes her eyes and somehow picks out the right book. The only way she could have done that is with the power of divination.

Vitalum Vitalis

Also known as the balancing of life and death, the witch that possesses this power can take away life as well as give life to the dead. In this season, in addition to being a black widow, Zoe shows two instances where she is performing Vilatum Vitalis.

First, in the episode titled "Burn, Witch. Burn", we see the coven being attacked by zombies. Zoe decides to take matters into her own hands and fights the zombies with a chainsaw. When the machine fails, Zoe tells the zombie "Be in your nature," which causes all of the zombies to die again bringing Marie Laveau back from her trance.

We learn earlier on in the episode titled "Go To Hell" that Zoe returns to the Academy after realizing she can't escape her destiny. While away in Florida, Zoe and Kyle are interrupted by a homeless man claiming the tree that they were sitting at was his tree. Kyle kills the man--because why not?--and Zoe is forced to bring him back to life.

In my opinion, both Zoe Benson and Cordelia Foxx were both equally likely to be the next Supreme. However, because she died while performing Transmutation, Zoe was not able to continue with the seven wonders, leaving Cordelia as the only viable candidate for the title. Though that doesn't mean that Zoe still can't be the next Supreme, it just means she's not this generation's Supreme. Could she still be a possible candidate to succeed Cordelia?



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