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The New York Comic-Con that ended yesterday was the perfect event to learn more about our favorites comic-based TV shows. Thus, Warner Bros. unveiled a sizzle reel for The Flash Season 2. And unlike the Arrow footage, we were really spoiled.

I'm going to do a breakdown of this new footage (that you can check below).

First look at Earth-2

We now know what Earth-2 looks like. We can see a very different version of Central City with a completely abandoned Star Labs as the city. Zoom is surely responsible for the chaos, meaning that Jay Garrick wasn't fast enough to stop him. This is certainly why he came to warn Barry: he doesn't want to see that happening again. Also, we can definitely expect some trips to this parallel universe.

Proper (blurry) look at Zoom

Zoom is here and he is really scary! From the previous trailer we only got to see his face, but here we can see his dark suit. Oddly, he looks more like Barry than Jay Garrick, whereas both are from Earth-2. It could weakened "The Rival" theory given that he is, traditionally, a reflection of the Crimson Comet. But, I know the producers love to toy with the comics, so nothing is off the table.

Moreover, we finally got some insight into his motivations: he wants to be the only speedster alive, even across universes. Indeed, Jay Garrick got his powers stolen by Zoom the night when the singularity appeared. That's a start, and I'm sure there is more about him that we still need to find out. Plus, Zoom seems to be able to travel across universes as he wishes.

Dr. Light

Here is our first look at Dr Light. There is something really odd about her, we still don't know who has been cast to play her character. All new major characters appearing in the first half of the season have been announced, except for her. There is a kind of mystery around her that I don't understand yet. Plus, whether or not she's from Earth-2 is still to be known.


You can see Tokamak in action here. Henry Hewitt, played by Demore Barnes, is usually a villain in the DC lore. However, here he is a brilliant scientist affected by the particle accelerator that Caitlin recruited to Team Flash. By the description we had, Hewitt is a really powerful metahuman who wants to fulfill his destiny, just like The Flash did. I think new faces are always welcome when it allows a change in dynamic between characters. I look forward to seeing him at Star Labs.


Our favorite professor seems to be in a bit of a difficult situation here. Indeed, having lost his other half, the Firestorm matrix isn't stable anymore. Thus, Team Flash will have to look for a new host to fill the void Ronnie left. That's where Jay Jackson intervenes, because we now know he will be the new half of Firestorm on The Flash and then on Legends of Tomorrow.

Vandal Savage

This is one of the characters, throughout all the shows, that I'm most excited about. Vandal Savage is the "big bad" of Legends of Tomorrow, but he will make his first appearance in the Arrow/The Flash crossover. All of this is setting up the plot of Legends. You can hear him say in his own creepy villainous way, "I can feel you out there. You don't yet know your destiny." The big villains are always the characters I'm the most exciting about. Unlike the heroes, they are really complexed characters. And I imagine Savage as a kind of Damian Darhk, but even more menacing.


Kendra Saunders will also be a member of Team Flash before heading to Legends. As you can see, Barry will meet her while she's working at Jitters, like Iris did before. I expect her to have just discovered her powers, without knowledge of where they come from. Her character, I hope, will open a new door for the DC TV Universe, maybe with space at the end of the road.

Bonus: First look at the Arrow/Flash crossover

Also, we got our first look, at the Arrow/The Flash crossover with a really fun dialogue between Barry and Oliver while talking about the new "The Flash" espresso:

Oliver -"Since when is that a thing?
Barry -"Maybe if you save Star City, you might get one too."

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.


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