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Paul J. G.

People who have the common sense of a pencil eraser are the ones who will fall for anything that they see or read.

Those who believed 'The Martian' starring, Matt Damon was real and that he is still stranded on Mars, created a Gofundme page to help with his return back to earth, are most likely the same ones who believed Steven Spielberg shot and killed (murdered) dinosaurs. They are the same ones who devoted their lives to digging underground bomb shelters for the Y2K. And are NOW preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse because of the shows like 'The Walking Dead.'

These are the same people who believe Elvis Presley, is still alive and living in the Virgin Islands. Michael Jackson has been spotted working at a McDonalds somewhere overseas. And Tupac Shakur continues to write rap lyrics from the grave.

The list goes on and on... People are crazy! And they are having the hardest time separating fiction from truth. It gets sort of funny at first and then it begins to turn into borderline dementia and straitjacket fittings. They will argue with everyone just to try and prove that their theory is the correct one.

As a writer myself, I can say that great writing should and will change the thoughts of its readers, But, to the point of making life changing decisions is too far to even think that people would be capable of doing.

It could be a proud moment for the authors/creators, but a huge disappointment for those with the not so average thinking process.

And an even bigger headache for those who are smart enough to find it hard to believe that an out of the norm subject could possibly take over the lives of those certain ones who refuse to believe otherwise. And those are the people who have to listen to them.

Before you embarrass yourself, please just stop and think for a moment. It should only take a few minutes to think about how ridiculous and absurd it is before you let your mouth do the brainless talking.

Trust me.. Because I would be the first one to argue the point of how much I wanted Harry Potter and Hogwarts to be a real place. Damn, JK Rowling is good!


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