ByMartyn James William Gray-horwood, writer at
...n generally pre - order for free (I know the manager) so I do it if there is 'free' stuff. If I had to pay there is no way on this earth that I would bother even if I knew I would get the game. Gone are the days of truly limited stock, the manager I know (my local Game) says that stores now limit stock after the release date so it looks like there is limited supply forcing those that want the game to pre-order to avoid disappointment! MGSV is experiencing the problem in my area now, go into one of my local stores and ask for MGSV and you will be turned away "until a non specified date" . If you know the staff well enough they will pop into the store room and get you a copy! The stock is in every store BUT head office and likely the publisher has had the stock removed from sale to drive up demand (and the costs in some places). This keeps re - sale value of any trade ins very high so the store makes more money. It's shady crap like this that makes me look at digital console games. The artificially high price of digital console games is what sends me back to the stores. It's a vicious cycle and we the consumer are the ultimate losers. Disgusting really.

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