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Steven Universe season 2 has given us some fabulous episodes after the last hiatus, starting with a bang by delving into Connie's relationship with her mother, before dropping some serious plot bombs as Peridot joined the Crystal Gems. It really felt like this section of season 2 was getting off to a good pace, but it seems as though the story will be stopped short once again for another hiatus.

Winter Break For The Gems!

This does happen to Steven Universe quite frequently, and it can be quite frustrating especially if the show's plot is progressing towards a big event. Too Far will be the last episode before the winter hiatus, and luckily it doesn't seem as though it will end on a cliffhanger!

After the huge plot reveals in Catch & Release and When It Rains, the show seems to have moved on to integrating Peridot into the Crystal Gems' team, though this won't be without its difficulties. Unfortunately though, Too Far will mark the end of this part of season 2, which will have only lasted 6 episodes. This was recently confirmed on Twitter...

While this is a shame, it's not exactly surprising. US networks often use hiatuses to break up their shows and prevent scheduling conflicts.

Considering Steven Universe aired throughout November and December in 2013 and 2014, the creative team are probably due a winter break! As for when this hiatus will fall, the latest reports suggest Too Far will be the last episode before the break, but they're mostly based on deleted Tweets from Matt Burnett, so there's still a chance that we'll get more episodes before 2016.

Until then, we still have Too Far to look forward to, which looks pretty good in the trailer AND the leaked footage...

Amethyst & Peridot Come To Terms

Too Far is the continuation of the mission to build the drill that will take the Crystal Gems to the Cluster so they can... defeat it in some way. The official sneak peak is pretty adorable, as Steven and Amethyst fondly make fun of Peridot.

It seems as though Peridot is really becoming part of the gang, as Amethyst assures her that she's actually funny, and she seems to like that.

Steven: oh Peridot, you're killing me!
Peridot: I am not! That would violate the terms of our truce agreement.
Amethyst: no, no, no. You're funny!
Peridot: funny...?

The show really is at its best and funniest when it uses the Gems' alien nature to its full potential. As Peridot is fairly young and hasn't been on Earth long, there's plenty to be mined from this outsider aspect of her character.

The rest of the episode will deal with Peridot and Amethyst's relationship, as the two resolve their issues. Obviously, this next leaked footage contains some vital moments from Too Far, so press play at your own risk!

Oh wow, there certainly seems to be a lot of drama here. The best moment for me has to be Peridot using the dictaphone to confess her apology to Amethyst: it's totally adorable, and also kind of sad that she only feels comfortable recording her words beforehand, rather than just saying this straight to Amethyst.

"If I've damaged my standing with the best Gem here, then I've made a serious mistake. I'm still learning."

It would be fantastic for Amethyst and Peridot to become partners in crime, though a true friendship between them might be a ways off. They're both pretty antagonistic characters, and there's a fair amount of bad blood between them.

Peridot and Amethyst in Jail Break
Peridot and Amethyst in Jail Break

With Amethyst as the youngest Gem in the group, she has a lot in common with Peridot, though obviously their expertise are in very different subjects: Amethyst knows a lot about Earth, having grown up here, while Peridot knows vital information about Homeworld. And that also seems to be the focus of the episode.

As I wondered before, the "Gem gossip" that Amethyst and Steven get in on in Too Far is indeed some key information about Gem lore. And it seems to pertain directly to Amethyst's creation, as the official synopsis reveals...

"Amethyst discovers what she was supposed to have been like after being created in the Kindergarten, had she not been over-incubated by 500 years."

Oh boy, this sounds like it could be a very heartwrenching revelation! But we're going to have to wait a few days to find out just what it means.

Too Far airs on Cartoon Network on October 15th. Be sure to check back here for all your recap needs!

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