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The next episode of Gravity Falls, Dipper & Mabel vs The Future, is one of the most eagerly (or anxiously) anticipated yet. What with Dipper and Mabel growing apart in the last few episodes of season 2, and Bill Cipher's plans for Gravity Falls finally revealed, the show is certainly building towards a major event. And we couldn't be more worried.

Thankfully, we don't have much longer to wait - S02E17 airs tonight on Disney XD, and all our questions will soon be answered... to be replaced by even more questions! But we should get some mysteries solved soon, as well as plenty more secrets from Gravity Falls: at the New York Comic Con, Alex Hirsch revealed that Journal 3 will soon be published, containing vital information about the show!

Everything Changes...

Boy oh boy am I concerned for the Pines Twins. Back in season 1 they went through every adventure together, though obviously there was always a conflict of interests between Mabel's desire to be sociable and Dipper's insatiable curiosity. In S02E17 this is all going to come to a head, as Mabel's plans for their 13th birthday get thwarted by Dipper rushing off on a mystery-solving mission with Ford. Alex Hirsch confirmed as much at NYCC...

"It’s going to be an intense, game-changing episode. Dipper has always wanted to be a grown-up and taken seriously, so this is a big deal."

Will Dipper's desire to be taken seriously cause him to do something rash, ending up endangering himself and Ford? That certainly seems to be what the preview implies...

There's so much going on in this video, I honestly had to watch it several times to take it all in.

There's actually a lot we know already about this episode, and not just because of the trailer and preview. Of course Dipper and Mabel are going to come to some sort of conflict over their birthdays, after which Ford and Dipper run off on their mission, leaving Mabel upset. It looks like whatever they've discovered is going to get them in some sort of trouble, and the shots of Mabel and Stan running through the woods imply that the remaining Pines will have to save their curious siblings.

Remember when the sky turned red in Sock Opera?!
Remember when the sky turned red in Sock Opera?!

There's a lot of crucial information left out of the trailers. But fear not! We've searched through the depths of the internet to find all the clues for you!

  • Cracked Rift: in a previous trailer, we caught a glimpse of the Rift between dimensions and terrifyingly, the glass ball that contains it has been cracked! That's sure to make Bill's plan to take over the world easier.
  • Dipper & Mabel's birthday marks the end of the summer: in several interviews, Alex Hirsch has confirmed that the Pines twins' birthday coincides with the end of summer. Of course, at the end of summer they have to go home, which also means Stan has to leave the Mystery Shack...
  • Waddles won't be allowed home: in this interview Alex Hirsch hinted at a major reason for contention between Dipper and Mabel, as their parents are very unlikely to allow Waddles the pig to come home with the kids. Considering how far Mabel is willing to go to keep Waddles, there's no doubt this will cause problems.

Clearly, S02E17 will have a big impact on the show, and we can't wait to find out what happens! But even if it doesn't provide answers to a lot of Gravity Falls' mysteries, at least we'll have a handy tool to help us crack those secrets...

New Journal On Sale Soon!

As promised, Alex Hirsch unveiled some pages from Dipper's Journal, a copy of Journal 3 that will be on sale for fans soon. This journal is pretty much essential reading for anyone who loves Gravity Falls, as it will reveal new secrets and provide extra information on the show's story.

This is super exciting. Hints from the pages of Journal 3 have been vital to fan theorising and speculation since the show began. Hirsch revealed that the pages of the journals that we see on screen are just snippets of what's actually in the book, so in the published version there'll be tons of details on pages we've already seen. This is in addition to plenty of pages not yet revealed, which means more mysteries of Gravity Falls to explore!

As well as Ford's discoveries, the published journal will include Dipper's notes, on everything he learned during his time in Gravity Falls. Dipper's additions aren't just annotations to Ford's pages: according to Hirsch, Dipper has continued the journal with his own entries. So we'll finally learn what happened to the clones that ran off during the season 1 episode Double Dipper! And perhaps most exciting of all - the full page on Bill Cipher will be revealed, as well as why there are mysterious blood stains all over it...

Some of the journals' pages were previewed at NYCC. Here's my personal favourite!

What freak of nature is this?!
What freak of nature is this?!

This appears to be a horrific leprechaun/unicorn hybrid, and Ford definitely didn't enjoy his time with these creatures...

"Their horns are musical and play a constant loop of Danny Boy. It is VERY IRRITATING."

You can view a few more here.

There was no official release date for the book, other than the fact that it will be available to purchase some time in 2016. So it seems like we've got another agonising wait ahead of us before we crack the secrets of Gravity Falls, but at least S02E17 will answer some questions!

(Probably. Maybe. I'm very concerned.)

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