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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead TV and comic series. Consider yourself warned!

We did it, guys! After months and months of waiting, The Walking Dead finally returned to AMC last night with an amazing Season 6 premiere titled 'First Time Again.'

The 90 minute episode was, as promised, absolutely crazy and included a huge amount of both action and also character development which basically, in my eyes at least, made it the perfect episode. The episode was innovative with the use of black and white to indicate flashback scenes, exhilarating with the sheer quantity of walkers (over 2,000!), and even downright scary in at least one spot when I literally jumped out of my seat (R.I.P. Carter). I also believe we saw or heard from every character in the episode, not to mention that peanut butter protein bars just joined chocolate pudding in the ranks of Walking Dead food infamy.

The episode was jam packed, so there was plenty to take in and plenty that might have gone unnoticed, but that's where I come in! Strap in and cast your eyes over these 5 things you might have missed in The Walking Dead 'First Time Again.'

1. There was a cool throwback reference between Rick and Morgan

Season 1, episode 1 Vs. Season 6, episode 1
Season 1, episode 1 Vs. Season 6, episode 1
"I ask, you answer. It's common courtesy, right?"

This was a very cool little tip of the hat to show both the emerging friendship between Morgan and Rick, and also how much the roles have changed since their first meeting.

Back in the very first episode of The Walking Dead it was a very wary Morgan who saved Rick's life. When Rick wakes up after fainting, Morgan questions him about his gunshot wound, and after getting a sassy response from Rick, Morgan replies: "Look, I ask, and you answer. That's common courtesy, right?" In 'First Time Again,' during a flashback to Morgan's arrival in Alexandria we see the roles reverse when Rick goes to question Morgan about who he learned his new staff fighting skills from, and with a wry smile tells Morgan: "I ask, you answer. It's common courtesy, right?"

The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba on left
The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba on left

Speaking of Morgan's fighting skills, another moment in the episode suggests he was trained in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. The camera briefly shows the map that Morgan found inside Father Gabriel's church (the one that Abraham had written a note to Rick on), and his lucky rabbits foot, but it also shows the cover of The Art of Peace, a book by the creator of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. This also explains why Morgan has a staff, which is called a 'jō' in Aikido.

2. Maggie might be pregnant

I know it's a big statement to make, but there was one very interesting and potentially telling part in the episode which suggests that Maggie and Glenn might very soon welcome a baby!

When Rick is calling for volunteers to help out with the plan to eliminate all the walkers from the quarry, Glenn and Maggie have the following discussion about whether or not Maggie should go:

Glenn: You should keep an eye on her [Deanna], keep going with the plans you talked about.
Maggie: I know but this is important.
Glenn: She's important, people are scared, they need to see her come back
Maggie: That's not the only reason
Glenn: Yeah, it isn't.

Does Glenn think she should stay behind because she's expecting? It's definitely a strong possibility, especially if the show hopes to follow the lead of the comic books, then Maggie's pregnancy could add some strong emotional elements to future storylines. Don't just take my word for it, speculation is rife over online:

3. Carol's still acting, but Morgan is onto her

Carol's cookie-baking neighbor act was one of my favorite things in the second half of Season 5, and I'm glad to see she's continuing the charade into Season 6. However, while she's fooled the citizens of Alexandria with her cute sweaters and recipe exchanges, it looks like Morgan sees straight through her act. When the group are out preparing to lure the walkers away, he tells her she seems like a cop, saying: "You're always watching, you always seem ready," to which Carol replies, still in character: "Well, aren't you sweet?"

But regardless of whether of not Morgan sees through her or not, I have a feeling that pretty soon her secret badass identity is about to be revealed when the fight for life kicks off against the incoming walker horde.

4. Abraham might not last the season

There were a few scenes involving Abraham that made me think that the big man has slipped into a depression. First up we saw him carrying the body of the either Reg or Pete to the town cemetery, and, after the camera hovered over the dead man's wedding ring, he proceeded to get drunk. Next time we see him, he's drunkenly placing his own wedding ring on top of his bottle of alcohol.

We know that Abraham lost his family after scaring away his wife and children (trying to protect them), and he was close to suicide before Eugene came along and gave him purpose with his talk of a cure. After Eugene's lie was revealed, Abraham again went into a state of depression, before regrouping and finding new purpose in the quest to find Noah's community, which led to Alexandria. However, now that the group has settled, it seems as though Abraham has once again dipped into a depression, something which his expression seemingly confirmed when Sasha laughed off the fact that she took on the mission of driving the car because she had a death wish.

5. Could Gabriel be the horn blower?

Right at the end of the episode, when it looked like the whole plan might run smoothly, things were interrupted by the sound of a loud horn. The horn drew the attention of the entire walker horde, and it looks as though they're all headed straight for the town. But, who blew the horn?

Obviously my first thought was to the Wolves. We know they've been kicking around causing issues, and sooner or later they're bound to attack. Could they have been waiting for this perfect opportunity to do so? However, while the Wolves are the obvious choice, there is also another possibility which Redditor SmokeyMcTokes floated: Gabriel.

I know it seems weird, but then SmokeyMcTokes posted the Bible story about Gabriel's horn. Now we know The Walking Dead loves a good Biblical reference, and in the Bible there is mention of "a trumpet blast preceding the resurrection of the dead." While the Bible never specifically says it was the angel Gabriel who blew the horn, he has often been depicted in art and song as the trumpeter. Could Gabriel have blasted the horn because he's letting the others know they need to return to Alexandria, possibly because of the threat of the Wolves? Quite possibly.

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