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Bryan Cranston, star of hit TV show Breaking Bad, has officially announced his desire to play the role of Marvel's Mr. Sinister.

At New York Comic-Con, Bryan Cranston was asked what his top choice for a Marvel Villain role would be, he replied simply:

"It would be Mr. Sinister."

Bryan Cranston as a Marvel villain... the more I think about it, the more appealing I find the idea.

This is just an idea

Unfortunately, we're unlikely to see Cranston as a super-villain any time soon, even if someone did take the idea on board. But let's toy with the concept for a moment.

Mr. Sinister is controlled by Fox, so the chances of seeing Cranston in the MCU are pretty slim; but if his role as Sinister were ever cemented, we could always see him in the X-Men franchise, the future of which is mapped, but nowhere near the extent of the MCU's.

Unfortunately, as Sinister was created by Apocalypse -- the baddie of X-Men: Apocalypse -- chances are Cranston may have missed his chance to break his way into the franchise.

However, we really don't know what the X-Men franchise has planned for the future beyond X-Men: Apocalypse -- other than veiled suggestions like the following from director Bryan Singer:

"It will be the end chapter of in the X-Men movie saga we’ve seen thus far."

"Thus far..." So perhaps there are more X-Men movies on the horizon. But it remains uncertain as to whether future movies will include the reappearance of Apocalypse, which is unlikely, in addition to characters such as Mr. Sinister.

So, who is Mr. Sinister?

Those of you who are fans of the X-Men cinematic adaptions may not have heard of Mr. Sinister. No need to worry -- I'll break down his history a little.

  • Mr. Sinister was originally Nathaniel Essex, a perfectly normal guy from the 19th Century.
  • Reading up on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, Nathaniel became obsessed with his work.
  • Nathaniel began extensively researching evolution after the death of his son, which caused him to distance himself from his wife.
  • His research concluded that humans were mutating, but it was widely discredited.
  • He then encountered En Sabah Nur (a.k.a. Apocalypse), who offered him a long life, enhanced strength, and a healing factor.
  • After his wife died in childbirth, proclaiming he had become sinister, Nathaniel Essex accepted the offer of En Sabah Nur - becoming Mr. Sinister.
  • Mr. Sinister went on to have an extensive role in the X-Men universe, along his way creating Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey, who would eventually give birth to Cable, a time-traveling mutant who Mr. Sinister would ultimately rue having indirectly created.

Let's face it...

Bryan Cranston would make a fantastic addition to the world of superheroes, having recently proven he can play a much darker role. However, speculation and reality are leagues apart, and we may never see Cranston play the role of the super-villain, despite the quality and intensity he could bring to such a character.

So what do you think? Does Bryan Cranston's future lie with the X-Men? And if not, can we expect to see him fulfill a future role in the MCU?


Would Bryan Cranston make a good Marvel Villain?



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