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As if it's not difficult enough to decide what you're going to channel as your Halloween sprit animal this year, now there's more and more pressure to incorporate your real animals as well -- but thankfully there is plenty of inspiration for wannabe horror hounds out there!

Below are some of the chilling looks all the cool canines will be rocking this year, and a few of them are shop bought, so you can get your last minute orders in as opposed to digging that sewing kit out!

10. Barky Krueger

This official Warner Bros. dog costume will hopefully haunt your feels a lot more relentlessly than your dreams!

9. Hairy Potter

Image by: Mario Tama

This homemade Fluffy costume is pure Potter magic.

8. VeDOGciraptor

Clever girls can do cute too in this adorable Animal Planet costume!

7. Spider Hound

Image by: Chica the Spider Dog

When darkness falls, the friendlier the dog, the scarier the costume!

6. Bark Vader

There is no need to go to the bark side of frustrating home crafting with this awesome store-bought Darth Vader outfit that is an officially licensed Star Wars item.

5. His Bane Is Worse Than His Bite

Image by: Bloody Disgusting (the owner is uncredited, so if you know this fearsome beast, let me know!)

Sometimes the least threatening looking packages can be the most deadly...

4. Jason Pawhees

Crystal Lake's new crop of killings look suspiciously like animal attacks...

3. Road Kill Returns

Image by: Pintrest (the owner is not credited, so if you know this gutsy guy, please contact me!)

I'm not entraily sure this is acceptable...

2. Pumpkin Pooch

This adorable costume from Baxter Boo is as sweet as pie!

1. Headless Hound Man

Image by: Meowchie's hideout

Let's all put out glue guns down, because these two have won!


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