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On paper, The Sims appears to be a pleasant simulation game in which you can pretend to play house, get a job, achieve personal aspirations and maintain relationships with family members, friends and neighbors. However, ever since we first got our hands on the original version and loaded it up onto our trusty Windows 95 desktops, our intrinsically sadistic natures turned all of that on its head.

It turns out that things can get pretty dark once you have the ultimate power to make people do whatever you want!

Whether you've incited incest between family members, removed that much-needed pool ladder, let your Sims die in puddles of their own piss, or merely banged the maid in front of a significant other, at some point we've all been cruel to our helpless creations.

However, as Reddit confirms, the following users have taken the meaning of pixel torture to the next level, probably making even you look like a saint:

1. The ultimate gold-digger

This Reddit user's Sims always aimed for the top. And nothing would stand in their way of wealth and prosperity. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to manipulate and to destroy lives, check this out:

2. Death by pizza

The following is enough to make any pizza-lover cry:

3. Neighbors from hell

4. "I will end you in the most horrible of ways"

When this Sims house was repeatedly burgled, this Reddit user pulled out some next-level Home Alone sh*t!

5. "I let them die"

It only took this user only four hours to unleash this terrible monstrosity on this helpless family:

6. The absent father

When the following Sim went on a rampage to impregnate everyone in Riverview, he never thought that sooner or later, his actions would come full circle to haunt him until his last days.

7. "There was nowhere for them to escape"

Lost for a fool-proof, quick way to kill all your sims at once? This user has the answer:

8. Drowned children and locked up babies

The following Sims children had potentially some of the worst starts to life. Ever.

So, now that your gaming mind is permanently scarred, which sadistic torture methods would you go for? Would you meddle in a bit of incest, let your adopted kids drown, or throw a death party and burn the whole town's population?

Or would you simply wall them all in and let them die from exhaustion in a puddle of their own piss like in the following video?

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