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Returning after what feels like a relatively long-lasting hiatus from his usual bantering behavior, Charlie Sheen is back to his headline-grabbing game after being thrown out of a bar on Saturday night for getting a little rowdy with the locals.

The Two and a Half Men star was welcomed into Hennessey's Tavern in Dana Point on returning from a day-long fishing trip. Unwinding from his previous activities with a shot, which soon turned into five, Sheen was veering three sheets to the wind when fans started approaching him for photographs.

Like these guys:

Seemingly in a buoyant mood, the 50-year-old actor obliged and posed for various photo-ops throughout the night. That is, until one woman tried to film him on her cellphone, to which he responded by knocking the phone out of her hand, damaging it.

The Hennessey's Tavern's bouncer then stepped in and proceeded to pull out a pretty impressive WWE move, head locking Sheen while simultaneously walking him off the premises like a boss.

Proving that he bi-wins even when he's not, technically, winning, Charlie Sheen squared up to the guy who dared to put him in line. Rather than causing more chaos however, Sheen shook his hand and then allowed his booze-fueled self to be whisked home by cab.

Check out footage of the event below:

Source: TMZ, Daily Mail


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