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Could you make it through a Haunted House so scary you need to sign a waiver to get in?

Because, even as a self confessed fear junky, I'm not sure I could. California's latest house of horrors, The 17th Door, looks legitimately, absolutely, incontinence-ly, shit-your-pants terrifying.

So terrifying in fact, it comes with its own safe word: Mercy. A rule you'd do well to remember if you're planning on visiting this Halloween, as it's so far been used by 350 people and it's only October 12th.

Dubbed Orange County's most innovative and intense haunted house, The 17th Door submits your soul to 30 minutes of immersive and interactive "psychological terror" as you delve into the warped nightmares of a collage student named Paula. Here, the demons of Paula's dreams take pig form and you follow her life as it "falls hard and fast down a spiral of torture: uncontrollable purging, excessive abuse and bodily harm."

The brainchild of Robbie and Heather Luther, the content is certainly not for the faint hearted. Covering deep subjects such as suicide, drug abuse, bullying and eating disorders, here's just a taster of what to expect...

1. Extreme Temperatures

"Everything inside this realm, which assaults your senses, is real. All you’ll feel on your flesh, the heat and the freezing chill, is real."

2. Foul Stenches...and Flavors...

"The putrid odor that invades your nose from the stench of her rotting life is real."

3. Nauseating Visuals

"Know that when you walk into the frozen locker and are surrounded by the carcasses of her demons, what hangs from those hooks is real."

4. Startling Sounds

"And when you linger in her dorm room, what scurries under your feet and along the walls is real."

Here's the full promo. Prepare yourself...

The tour will run until November 1st. Book your tickets while you can.

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