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WARNING: Spoilers for Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 6 ahead.

After an amazing premiere episode for The Walking Dead Season 6, we can now look forward to another 15 fresh episodes to tear into over the coming months. But before we do that I'm sure many of you have a lot of burning questions about Episode 1, 'First Time Again,' and thanks to an interview between comic creator, and show executive producer Robert Kirkman and Entertainment Weekly we have some of the answers!

There's no doubt that the huge quarry filled with walkers was one of the best things about the episode. 2,000 walkers crammed into the space that was acting as a barrier, preventing Alexandria from being overrun. The sheer amount of walkers in the episode was impressive, but what was it like for Kirkman himself to see the scene? He told EW:

I look at it and I just think, “Well, we can top this in season 7.” It’s great getting to see where we can do big things like this. The show is always escalating season to season. We’re always trying to come back bigger and better. I think we accomplished that with this premiere so I’m excited about that. Look, that was probably the hardest shot, that quarry scene, that we’ve had on this show thus far. It just took an immense effort from everyone involved to make that work. It’s a testament to what this team can pull together, that it turned out so well.
Deanna seen in a flashback
Deanna seen in a flashback

Not only was the amount of walkers in the episode a first for the show, but so was use of black and white scenes to indicate a flashback. While the monochromatic scenes were met with mixed reviews by fans, Kirkman said he "thought it was brilliant on Scott’s [Gimple's] part," despite the fan that it was not the original plan. Kirkman revealed:

On the original cuts, everything was in color. There were some scenes here and there where you would go, “Wait a minute, was that before the opening scene or after? Are we in the past? Which one’s which?” When Scott came up with the idea to go, “Screw it, let’s make everything in the past black and white,” that’s when it really came together.

Kirkman went on to say that the eventual use of black and white helped to make the storytelling more clear in an episode which was "very complicated." And just in case you thought that was the last we'll be seeing of flashbacks or use of time in Season 6 episodes, Kirkman "without revealing too much" confirms we will be seeing a more of it in future episodes.

Morgan, Judith and Rick in First Time Again
Morgan, Judith and Rick in First Time Again

Another big question that came up in Episode 1, after being carried over from Season 5 was the question of Morgan. In 'First Time Again' we saw Rick and Morgan work together, though there was also a lot of discussion, as well as some disagreements. What can we expect with this dynamic in Season 6? Kirkman says:

While there is a familiarity there, we do meet these characters somewhat as strangers just because of everything Morgan has gone through that hasn’t been revealed yet that may be revealed in a future episode. But the fact that these two characters are so good at what they do and so acclimated to this world but in completely different ways — I don’t want to reveal too much, but it puts them at odds with each other in pretty substantial ways. It’s a product of this world and everything they have to deal with.

Damn! It's pretty clear these two have differences of opinion, but it will be exciting to see where this leads and what it means for them both, as well as the folks of Alexandria. And as for Morgan's mystery skills and whereabouts for the last two seasons, Kirkman reassures viewers that it's definitely "a story that will be told this season." Can't wait!

Glenn and Nicholas in First Time Again
Glenn and Nicholas in First Time Again

Another interesting character dynamic was the relationship between Glenn and Nicholas. Despite Nicholas almost killing Glenn in the Season 5 finale (and basically killing Noah), Glenn took mercy on the man and brought him back to Alexandria. In 'First Time Again' we saw the beginning of a mentor-like relationship between the two, but why does Robert Kirkman think that Glenn gave the cowardly Nicholas a second chance? He explains:

Glenn needs to. This guy has an immense optimism despite everything he’s experienced. I think he wants to know that Nicholas can come back from that and stop being this horrible useless dangerous coward. He wants to see that this can be turned around, that he can place his trust in this person and be rewarded for that. I think it is as rewarding for him as it is him trying to do good by this fairly despicable person.

And speaking of characters possible redeeming themselves, Kirkman mentioned in the interview that there is a "lot of potential" in Father Gabriel, and that "people need to stay tuned." I've already theorized that Father Gabriel had a bigger part in the premiere episode than we realized, which you can read over here if you wish.

As seen in the promo for episode 2 "JSS"
As seen in the promo for episode 2 "JSS"

And finally, what should viewers expect in next weeks episode? Kirkman tells us:

I’ll just say that seeing that size of herd, knowing that horn is drawing their attention definitely sets the stage for what is to come. As intense as you would expect our second episode to be, it is that much more intense and we don’t stop there. So I would expect a similarly cliffhanger-y moment at the end of episode 2, which will take us into episode 3. Everything you’ve heard about this being a fast-paced season is definitely going to hold true. People just need to hold on and get ready for a pretty wild ride.

Ugh, I can't believe we have to wait almost a whole week to watch the whole thing! The struggle is real!

Watch the promo for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2 'JSS' below:

The Walking Dead episode 2 will air next Sunday on AMC

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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