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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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For a lot of kids who are bullied and teased at school, things can seem hard. It's tough knowing that you're worth something when you're only a kid; your perspective is limited and you don't have the experience to shake off insults.

However, Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer has hit back at her school bullies in the coolest way. She was teased at school for having a "pig nose," and now people online have compared her to Kermit the Frog's new girlfriend, Denise.

This could have made Dormer upset, but rather than stressing about her old childhood insult being brought up again, she hit back and decided to do the best thing: Laugh about it. Dormer told EW:

"There’s a scene in Season 3 where I’m walking on all the cliffs with Sansa, and I’m telling her how I was teased as a young girl for my nose. I asked in a dinner with David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], ‘Please, can you put in a line about a pig nose?’ I was bullied at school, I used to get told I had pig nostrils."
"I said for my own demons, it would be sticking two middle fingers up to the bullies of my childhood. If you watch the DVDs, you’ll see me oinking backstage. When I saw that Kermit had a new girlfriend, I thought I might be responsible for that. I brought up the pig subject myself."

That's how you own it! Make the joke first and be confident. Here's the Game of Thrones clip Dormer's talking about; it must have felt good to air those "demons" she's talking about!

Dormer's bullies are surely appropriately humbled by now. She stars in one of TV's most successful shows and graces the top of 'Most Beautiful' lists across the world.

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