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When the Fifty Shades of Grey film was released earlier this year, cinema goers were glued to the screen watching Ana and Christian's story unfold. Conversations started all over social media with everyone talking about their thoughts and reactions to the film. One of the topics causing a lot of buzz was the fashion worn in the film.

Fans, fashion enthusiasts, and collectors of screen accurate clothing were all asking the same questions: "What brand of top is Ana wearing"? "Where can I get that dress"? "Where can I buy that outfit"? "What brand are those shoes"?

And so fans began the process of searching clothing blogs, websites, and social media looking for any information on Anastasia Steele's wardrobe. Articles began appearing letting fans know the clothing brands that appeared in the film, but due to the fact that Fifty Shades of Grey was filmed in late 2013 and early 2014, the clothing that Ana wore is now sold out.

Thus, the fans turned to eBay, Poshmark, Coolspotters, and Facebook groups (dedicated to character clothing) looking for Ana clothing items. Finding Ana items is extremely rare - but there may be hope for fans looking to buy Ana clothing.

A group of dedicated fans have started a campaign to get the blue floral tank dress that Ana wore re-released.

This gorgeous dress was designed by the clothing company Eight Sixty and if they receive enough interest in this dress it may be re-released. The group is in talks with the designer and for a possible re-release around 800 people are needed.

If you would love to see this dress re-released, please show your support and join the campaign via their official group over at facebook.

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