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It's been 23 years since Aladdin made its magical debut in theaters, and it's safe to say that Disney fans everywhere haven't been the same since. Between magic carpet rides, genies of the lamp, and more great songs than you can throw a talking parrot at, Aladdin remains our very own cave of wonders (without all that lava and calamity, of course).

Honestly, it's hard to imagine a world without that movie. Considering I was only two years old at the time, I'm just going to assume it was filled with misery and longing for that one perfect love song. And with Aladdin came 'A Whole New World,' now a favorite of weddings, karaoke, and really any occasion that deserves celebration.

Now, giving us a much needed reminder on just how amazing this song is, the original (singing) cast of Aladdin have gotten together for an impromptu performance of 'A Whole New World.' Spoiler alert: They've still got it.

The full video is beyond shining, shimmering, splendid

That's Brad Kane as Aladdin, Lea Salonga as Jasmine, and Alan Menken on piano. As if you couldn't tell by their incredible voices—that sounds almost exactly the same as the studio recording we know and love—these are the same individuals that made Aladdin and Jasmine marvelous singers over two decades ago.


And for all of you who sang along to this video, even internally, this is a quick reminder that a very special Aladdin Diamond Edition will be available to buy on October 13th.

Lea Salonga also lent her singing voice to Mulan, meaning she's left her mark on two iconic Disney classics. That is a feat that deserves an award.


Hopefully this isn't the last Disney reunion we see before the end of 2015. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing Susan Egan and the muses break out a live rendition of 'I Won't Say I'm in Love' from Hercules, but in the meantime I'll be re-watching this clip.

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