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WARNING: Spoilers for Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 6 ahead.

The Walking Dead returned with one hell of an episode last night, with a whole 90 minutes for us fans to really sink our teeth into after being starved of the drama of Rick and the gang for months. The episode leapt into action straight away and, saved for some strategically placed quieter moments, basically didn't let up the whole time.

After being left on a hell of a cliffhanger, I imagine most of you are as on the edge of your seat as I am waiting for Episode 2, titled 'JSS.' While we have to wait almost a whole week to see what happens next, luckily AMC has released two promos for the episode, including a trailer and a short scene. Take a look at them both below:

Next on The Walking Dead Episode 2:

So it looks like all hell is breaking loose in Alexandria, and given the characters present in the promo I would hazard a guess that this episode will take place while the others are out battling the quarry walkers. If this guess is correct then it looks (and sounds) like it occurs before someone starts blasting the horn we heard at the end of Episode 1.

Obviously Alexandria is under attack from something, and the top two theories on this would be that it's either the huge quarry walker herd, or the Wolves. Personally I feel like the initial attack must be from the Wolves, given that we see an injured man being taken to the infirmary with a mystery abdomen wound—if this was a walker bite, surely they would just put the man down, right? If it were a bullet wound however, I understand why so many people have rushed to take him to hospital. But perhaps that's just me being callous!

Sneak peek of The Walking Dead episode 2:

Alright, onto the 50 second sneak peek into a scene from the episode, and one where we get to see a little more from Carl who we just barely saw in the premiere episode.

Once again I'm going to guess that this will take place very early into the episode, before the attack and panic. It's great to finally see Gabriel changing and realizing that what he said about the group was completely wrong. In an interview with EW this week, Robert Kirkman let slip that viewers should "stay tuned" to Gabriel and that the priest has a "lot of potential" in the show, which makes me very excited to see what 'JSS' has to offer. Not to mention that Gabriel is my guess for horn blower (as explained over here), so I can't wait to either be proved right, or spectacularly wrong.

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, 'JSS' will air on Sunday, October 18th over on AMC

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