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...Or if you're in a less whimsical mood than me, you could say they just plain gave each other a piggyback ride, but you're probably not that much fun at parties!

Following Amy Schumer's debut hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Lawrence and Ansari clearly hit if off as the pair took the opportunity to frolic across the city as a double decker duo, and I really hope that Aziz embraced the piggyback joy with as much gusto as his Parks and Recreation character, Tom Haverford:

Looking at the grin that is practically splitting his head in two, I'd say he came pretty close, check out what I mean in the images below:

Rumor has it that Ansari is helping J.Law and Schumer to write their upcoming screenplay, so hopefully we will be seeing more his this double act spreading joy in the near future.

(Source: Celebuzz via Daily Mail)


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