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Stephen Adamson

Mark Hamill seems like a genuinely awesome dude. He's an iconic actor who doesn't seem to let his reputation speak for him. Rather, he does his own thing and occasionally, he tweets! And, boy, does he tweet some awesome stuff. Most recently, he might actually have found himself in a wee bit of trouble after revealing via selfie-tweet that he'll be returning as the Trickster on Season 2 of The Flash.

The aforementioned tweet:

Supposed to keep my return to @CW_TheFlash secret but never refuse a selfie request. Does "oops" count as an excuse?

I did two seconds of digging to find the tweet he linked to. It's awesome. Mostly because Mark Hamill's facial expression and finger-point are unbelievable.

I think Hamill was awesome as the Trickster in Season 1. I hope he reviews the tape, sees what he likes and doesn't like about his previous portrayal and makes his next appearance even more awesome.

The Flash returns tomorrow, October 13 on The CW.



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