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I remember the first time I saw Kanye West perform live. It was Coachella 2011, and it was probably one of the most epic performances I have ever seen in my life. Adorned in a fashionable jacket, Kanye had sweat profusely throughout his entire set, as he was clearly giving it his all.

I left the merchandise booth that night with a Kanye West shirt in hand, blown away by his talent and passion.

Most recently, Kanye West made a surprise appearance on American Idol during their San Francisco audition. He sang his 2005 hit 'Gold Digger.' As you might remember the song mentions J.Lo, who is one of the judges on the show beside Henry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban.

Guess who is going to Hollywood? Yeezus, that's who!

[Source: Just Jared]


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