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Pro Evolution Soccer video game series by Konami, one of my favorite game ever. I have been playing it since 2000 and it was called Winning Eleven. When PES 6 came out it was shocking, it was the best in series. Than was some downfall and then PES 2010 came out and blew my mind ( my favorite so far). And after that PES became not so good. Every year I was waiting for good game if not better but - No - they were not good and FIFA became better. Especially PES 2014 was disaster, the worst, game that mustn't be played.

So I was waiting for PES 2016 and I knew it would be same bad game and i even didn't want to play it but when it came I decided to play and my friend who played before me said it was good game. So I decided to play and oh my god - I played and played for days and weeks and I can say that PES 2016 is the best sport game ever.

Some people are critical to the menu but no - the menu is good. Easy and beautiful. Soundtrack are better than previous ones. And tactics and other features are excellent and PES was always good at it.

Graphics are good too, not cartoonish and awkward like in PES 2014. Perhaps only bad thing is commentators, they are diverse but that is not big case.

What is the most important is gameplay and it is amazing in this game. At last - you can have still play game and have fun. Movement are smooth, pass and shoot mechanics are amazing. Defence is solid but they aren't always stronger and faster than attackers.

It is fun to play this game with other or with AI. Master Leauge, myClub and Become a Legend are great.

The only thing that FIFA is better than PES is licenses but that is ok - there are patches that correct that problems.

If you are interested in my previous review which I did soon after it was released, than check this video on my Youtube channel.


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