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I enjoyed reading the entire Twilight series after experiencing my first heartbreak at the age of 17. It definitely helped me believe in love again and made me hopeful.

Looking back nearly eight years later, I can't help but laugh at how cliche I was; a teenaged girl reading a sappy love story. But I can still appreciate the franchise and admit that I enjoyed it in its heyday.

Last week, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer spoke at New York Comic-Con and revealed that she had recently begun working on Midnight Sun again, until the Fifty Shades spin-off was created.

Midnight Sun was set to show Edward's perspective, but it makes no sense to have such an angle when Fifty Shades of Grey is more or less the same thing. Tech Insider describes Meyer's thought process:

Only after completing “Life and Death” did Meyer feel comfortable revisiting “Midnight Sun.” Meyer said after she “started back into it, it felt really good.”

The crowd at Comic Con cheered loudly when Meyer said she had recently written two more paragraphs.

But Meyer cut into the celebration: “So what do you think was the top story on Yahoo the next morning? ‘Grey.'”

The audience groaned.

E.L. James' Grey is a fan fiction story based off Twilight that is told from the male's point of view. This clearly deterred Meyer from writing Midnight Sun. While she claims to be "definitive" about never trying to work on it, she is also honest that she might have it in her in the future to try again. While I may have outgrown the series, I know that there are plenty of teens with broken hearts who might need a good cry and perhaps a glimmer of hope. Maybe Midnight Sun is just what they'll need.

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