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Nathaniel Rego

With The Horsemen of War and Famine defeated and Death aka The Headless Horseman still on the lam since the defeat of good turned evil witch Katrina Crane in season two of Sleepy Hollow; new villains shall emerge throughout the third season.

Pandora - the mystical woman who intends to unleash hell on Earth via Pandora's Box. Serves as the main villain of the third season of Sleepy Hollow.

Bloody Mary - a warrior of Pandora who can only emerge and attack from her cracked mirror when her name is said three times.

Krampus - the humanoid goat and Christmas demon punishing those who are very bad by beating them with flog, sacking them, and ultimately devouring them inside his evil lair.

Caity Lotz (Arrow) as Hell, the Norse goddess of the dead serving as the third season's secondary antagonist next to the Headless Horseman.

Dracula - the head vampire who turns people into blood suckers like himself by sipping their blood.

Sleepy Hollow S3 resumes Thursday's at 9 on fox.


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