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Get ready to feel the pain. Be ready to scroll through pages of games, willingly adding countless titles to your cart. You're seeing 25% off, you're seeing 50%, even over 70% off! You think you're saving so much money this time around. Then you see the subtotal. Oh god, the subtotal. Yes my friends, there's another Steam sale season on the horizon.

But we still have a few weeks left before it all kicks off. You may find yourself in need of something to play in the meantime! Perhaps you're even holding out for the release date of Fallout 4. But there are definitely games out there that deserve your attention. Let's take a look at some titles from all walks of life that you should check out On Steam!

Steam Sale
Steam Sale

Steam: Best Games to Buy Before the Autumn and Halloween Sales!

Where to begin?! I'll do my best to stick to more recent titles, but if you guys have any suggestions for games to be being playing at this time of the year, then let us know in the comments. We're always up for trying something new!

  • Rocket League - If you haven't played this remarkable game at this stage, what are you thinking?! It's incredible, it's addictive, it's challenging, it's beautiful! Rocket League will hopefully become a massively successful game over the years and go on to enjoy a great E-sports legacy.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Best gameplay of 2015. It's literally perfect. The game certainly has pacing issues and narrative flaws, but I can't find a single problem with Kojima's gameplay design in [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985). Buy it now!
  • SOMA - A terrifying adventure, with an engaging story, a fantastic ending, and some of the creepiest moments you're likely to play all year. SOMA is a must for horror fans!
  • The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - As it stands, there's no PC out there right now that should be without The Witcher 3. It's probably the most likely candidate for Game of the Year right now and we're wondering whether anyone has the potential to take its place.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • ARK: Survival Evolved - ARK is pure, unadulterated madness. It's the perfect combination of guns and dinosaurs that you've always dreamt of. Believe us, you NEED this!
  • Pillars of Eternity - A throwback to the games of yore, and the incredible masterpieces of earlier times. This is the Baldur's Gate of modern gaming - get it and love it.
  • Axiom Verge - Nintendo seemingly can't give the troves of Metroid fans what they want anymore, that's where Axiom Verge steps in. This game will mercilessly slaughter you and its retro still will make you pine for that nostalgic era of gaming!
  • Titan Souls - This game is basically a top-down, 2D version of Shadow of the Colossus. Yes, you're right! You do need to play it.
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - This beautifully violent game is something that every one of us desperately needs to try! Its music is excellent, the visuals are wonderful, and the gameplay will keep you engaged for hours on end!
Rocket League
Rocket League

So there we have it! If you guys have any other games that you'd like to recommend for the list, stick them in the comments below! And get those wallets and purses ready for the Steam Autumn and Halloween sales, it's gonna hurt.


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