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Hello to all movie fans, Netflix bingers, and Marvel fanboys ('cause I know you're out there watching, Big Brothers)!

I've never been one for formal, drawn-out introductions, so I'll keep it short and sweet. The name's Josiah, but I go by Jo. I'm a college student studying Computer Science. But that's by day. By night, if I'm not stressing over classes or hanging out with friends, I'm bingeing my life away on Netflix and Hulu.

I'm also a writer. Primarily science fiction. I've played around with other formats such as screenwriting (I love mockumentaries, a la The Office, Parks and Rec, Modern Family and, surprisingly, The Muppets) and superhero comics (I'm working on a few superheroes with my friends for fun.) But I haven't done much blog/article writing, hence why I'm here.

I figure using this space would be a great way to boost my interest in a new writing medium while also staying up to date on pop culture. And with news like Marvel's upcoming Phase 3 slate, Marvel Television's new endeavors, DC Extended Universe's franchise launch, and an exciting Fall and Spring TV lineup, who'd pass up an opportunity as sweet as that?

I'll be back with more posts and updates soon! Until then, please enjoy the Ninja Cat Sneak Attack:


What are you interested in? Let me know below!


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