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Dylan Christopher Kimmell

A director ahead of his time, it would seem, as films like A Clockwork Orange and The Shining were not well received by critics and audience alike until many years later. But, there is no denying what a strong influence he had on the Sci-Fi genre with what is widely regarded as his crowning achievement, 2001: A Space Odyssey. A films where, even if you haven't seen the movie, like me, you know just how classic and engaging it is that it makes you want to see it. Everyone at least knows of the AI computer with the glowing red eye known as HAL 9000.

Don't spoil the story for me! I know, why even talk about these films when I haven't even seen the movie yet, but to write this article I had a quick 5 min video that shortened down the film for me until I can find more time to watch the film in its entirety. I have watched Stanley Kubrick's other films, and he is indeed a genius, and have no doubt that if was given the chance to direct what he believed to be his crowning achievement that never was, Napoleon, I have no doubt it would have been great with how much endless research he put into that project. Alas, his crowning achievement is, undoubtedly, 2001, giving such great influence in the science fiction genre with it's engaging tale of astronauts, a corrupted computer, and a mysterious monolith.

The film has an idea of philosophical proportions on humanity's overall place in space at the time when we were on our way to discover space for ourselves. Kubrick had very intriguing ideas about humanity as his films have a moral to them, a message. Space Odyssey is no different. There are three themes that interested him as he addressed to Arthur C. Clarke:

1. Reasons for believing in the existence of extra terrestrials.

2. The impact the discovery, or vise versa, would have on Earth in the near future.

3. A space-probe exploring the Moon and Mars.

It is very clear that these questions are asked in the film, and asked well. The film is important in exploring the importance of humans' discoveries of who we are and our importance in the overall universe. If you will excuse me, so that I may go about and watch the film in its entirety.


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