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This month marks the end of a horror phenomenon. Released in 2009, Paranormal Activity grossed over $150 million on a $15,000 budget! It also kicked off one of the most successful horror franchises in cinematic history.

In honor of the "final" film, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension hitting theaters October 23rd, I have done the duty of pulling together the top five "Holy shit!" moments from the first five films in the franchise... and what better way to express these moments than with GIFs?! Happy haunting!

5. Holy hair!

I remember that this scene in Paranormal Activity 3 caused the guys in my audience to howl out in laughter, and the chicks all squirmed in their seats.

4. Micah's fate

This jump scare at the end of the first film came out of nowhere.

3. Mess in the kitchen.

This jump scare in Paranormal Activity 2 makes me jump every single time. The first time I saw it, I'm pretty sure I crapped myself.

2. Look behind you

The turning-fan camera in Paranormal Activity 3 was one of the most genius gags in the whole franchise. It is a shame they never tried to replicate it.

1. What a drag

The first time we see Katie dragged out of her bed in the first Paranormal Activity is what still haunts my dreams to this day. After seeing this scene, I never sleep with my foot hanging out of the covers at night... do you?


Are you sad to see the 'Paranormal Activity' franchise come to a close?


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