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When Marvel released that they were collaborating with Netflix to do a tie-in to the Universe I was pretty excited. Then when i heard the line up, I was really excited.

Not only would we be able to see heroes like Iron Fist and Power Woman brought to the small screen, but they would be able to come together and become The Defenders.

But what's recently been under fire is the popularity of Jessica Jones

For those who don't know Jessica Jones, she is Jewel, Power Woman,.... or just simply Jessica Jones. She was a superhero who had a down fall and started her own Detective Agency. Later on she marries.... well never mind. We will see what happens in the show.

But that's the thing. WE NEED TO WATCH THE SHOW


1. The Cast

Not only is the show going along with the comics, but it is also bringing some start studded cast members. Kristen Ritter will be portraying the titular character, along with Rosario Dawson coming back as Claire Danes and Mike Colter being cast as Luke Cage. Colter will also portray Cage in his own series "Luke Cage" next spring. Dr Who's David Tennant will be portraying Kilgrave, whose alter ego is the villainous Purple Man.

I'm watching you Jessica
I'm watching you Jessica

2. The Tie-In

Jessica Jones will also tie into the Marvel Cinematic universe, but not the one you usually see on screen. Following Daredevil's footsteps Jessica Jones will be set in the dark side of Marvel. Usually giving the regular Universe a dark twist is always good. Not only did Daredevil show us that the Marvel world can be dark, but it showed us that a superhero show can be made and not be boring. Keeping its consistency, I doubt Jessica Jones will disappoint.

What happens when you forget to pay rent.
What happens when you forget to pay rent.

3. The Teasers

Yes there is not trailer for Jessica Jones..... Just yet, but there are 5 teaser trailers so far. Each one more interesting than the other. The first was a iridecsent purple trailer of Jones walking through Hell's Kitchen. The next was Jones waking up, getting ready for work. As her alarm clock rings, rather than turning off the alarm, Jones decides to break the clock with her BARE HANDS. The 3rd teaser was Jones walking the streets of Hell's Kitchen late at night. In the distance you can see the Avengers Tower. Jones looks around before leaping to the side of Emergency stairs on the 5th floor of a building. The 4th teaser was Jones in a bar, walking up to a jukebox. As she hits the Jukebox, Bad reputation begins to play. She then walks back to the bar stepping over the beaten up bodies of thugs, before she downs her last shot of liquor. The most recent teaser was of Jones posting up pictures of evidence on a wall. After looking at the set of images Jones walks out frustrated as the voice of Kilgrave can be heard in the background. As she leaves the room the images of Kilgrave's eyes can be shown, watching Jones.

Bottoms up
Bottoms up

This show will be great, if the fans give it a chance

The only way this show will fail is if it doesn't get enough viewers. Regardless Ritter will still go on to portray Jones in Marvel's The Defenders. But the show may continue on if the fans get hooked. So once again, give the show a chance and i doubt you will be disappointed.

What are your thoughs? Are you excited for Jessica Jones?


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