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Glenn Rhea. So after watching the premier of the walking dead...I'm so at a loss for words..How can one episode be this damn good...I just can't understand it???

I'm literally at tears. normally I don't cry it takes much for me to cry...But I'm crying...I'm crying at how good this series is...I have never seen such astonishment in my life. With character design.

The Humanity of each individual is showing so much in just one episode..The moments...The words...The acting..The direction..The Everything all the little moments you are experiencing..

I'm just having a tough time trying to contain myself!!

I can't see how I love so many of the supporting cast, to the main characters..I just don't know who to love who to let go...It's just to [email protected]#$ much!!

Before people would say oh past seasons I felt like that too..But no no no this season my anxiety has reached the [email protected]# ROOF! I really don't know how to love enough...Cause they are all so damn good..

Everyone in this season of the walking dead..Everyone you will love and if you don't your just blind to human existence..

I hate The bad liars of this show so much! But that's why I love them..I love all the good guys..But that's what makes me terrified..If your a good man in this show..Your roles are so shortly reduced....the good people are set up for death in the most..Real way!!

My respect to the actors!! I just keep on saluting...I really don't know what to do at this point...In the hour I just witnessed...My body is so damn at aww!! My mind is in shock!! I'm like wow!!

So many damn ZOMBIES!! WTF!!!!!!!!!I love it. I LOVE IT!! There is no other show that is this good...My love for the survivors just went up yet again!! THEY TOPPED IT!! Summing this show up in one episode..I don't think there has been another show to do that to me..NOT LIKE THAT!!!

I cried again just hearing ricks words throughout this whole show..but what really took my heart..Just hearing how good of a man Glenn is..I can see what the show is setting him up [email protected]#$!! my heart.. I don't think I will be able to handle foreal...I don't think I will be able to....

Look I'm no damn softy! for TV! BUT THE WALKING DEAD!! what is this show doing to my poor mind!! I'm so weak!!!!!


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