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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Over the weekend at New York City Comic Con Bryan Cranston revealed that he was interested in playing a "nasty" Marvel villain. The internet exploded with fan-casts as Cranston didn't reveal which villain in particular he had in mind. Well that villain turned out to be Nathaniel Essex or also known as Mr Sinister! Mr Sinister surely lives up to his name but would Bryan Cranston be able to live up to his nasty nature?

Mr Sinister
Mr Sinister

Fan Art proves that it is PERFECT!

Bryan Cranston as Mr Sinister! (Fan Art)
Bryan Cranston as Mr Sinister! (Fan Art)

Thanks to the always talented BossLogic, we can get an idea of what we would get if Bryan Cranston were to take on the role of Mr Sinister. He definitely looks the part and he definitely fits the mold of what Mr Sinister should look like on the big screen. Well we now know that Cranston fits the look extremely well but would he really be able to succeed as Mr Sinister?

I think Bryan Cranston as Mr Sinister is a PERFECT fit!

One aspect of Bryan Cranston's acting ability that I love the most is his ability to be the most sinister person on screen at any given time. This was present heavily multiple times throughout the hit drama Breaking Bad as his character Heisenberg was insane on a multitude of levels. The character of Mr sinister definitely requires someone with that feel of range as an actor and Cranston definitely fits that. A Villain who is both evil, manipulative and extremely intelligent deserves to be portrayed by such a great actor such as Bryan Cranston and I think it is a perfect fit!

Mr Sinister is the right thing for X-Men's Future!

I think that Mr Sinister could be a great thing moving forward for the X-Men franchise. With the introduction of a new, younger X-Team, Mr Sinister seems like the perfect villain for them to square off against. Especially if Bryan Cranston is the man behind the evil, he could really elevate the movie to a whole new level. Hopefully Fox is listening and actually considers this venture for Mr Sinister. It wouldn't be the first time they have cast someone who has expressed interest in a role, much like Cranston Channing Tatum said he wanted to play Gambit and he is now our new Gambit.I would really love to see Mr Sinister on screen especially is Bryan Cranston is cast! It would be a performance for the ages! "Say my name" "Mr Sinister"!


Would you like to see Bryan Cranston as Mr Sinister?


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