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Randolph Johnson

Use the bottom of the barrel: Create the bad guys. Let us get to know these people. All Bad guys aren't from Earth. Darkseid has his own world. I like the bounty hunter Lobo. While he dislikes Superman, if you have the cash, he will bring in anybody, good or bad. Lex might use Lobo to bring in Bizarro. Have Superman talk about his enemies, then you have the Lanterns speak about their evils. Know this the Lanterns face greater evils than any maybe Mxyzptlk, and Darkseid comes close. Flash and Wonder Woman do the same, so does J'onn J'ozz, and Hawkgirl. Also have Batman go in on Lex, and you might have Superman not ready to accept Lex as a bad guy yet, but Batman, in time, will prove to Superman Lex is no friend of his...

Scrap Release Dates: Totally agree with this. I would scrap all the release dates and I would scrap a solo titled Wonder Woman movie, and Flash as well. I would keep Shazam and Aquaman. But Cyborg would go under Teen Titans. John Stewart or a Green Lantern movie would go under the Green Lanterns or the Justice League. You don't need a special movie for them. They fly under the banner of the Justice League or the Green lanterns. The same for Wonder Woman. You could have a Justice League movie titled Return to Themyscira. We all know it is WW, and she could take a couple of female members with her including Katma, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Vixen, Big Barda or any list of justice League female members even J'onn J'ozz and Guy Gardner who are shapeshifters. Heck Hal Jordan and John Stewart could imagine Batman as a female for a limited period of time...To me this is the biggest. Do not over populate the big screen. You keep Green Lanterns, Justice League, and Teen Titans that is it. Every once in a while you have a titled Shazam Movie, or and Aquaman movie, because at some point they all become part of the Unlimited team. With the exception of the Green Lanterns, of course.

Be Creative: Create the Justice League, the founding members, do not focus on anything else. It will all come together. Let Lex be Lex and run most of the show, I would say 60 percent, the other forty split between Bruce Wayne, Batman, Clark Kent, and Superman...But find away to take about the threats that exist to Earth from aliens, and Batman's willingness to forgive Superman for the greater good, which is what Batman is known for, and trying to find more beings of unnatural abilities willing to protect Earth...Because few Government records are secret I am sure Batman knows about both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, maybe even Captain Atom, but he is going to have to wait on Atom for now, and the secrecy surrounding him is impenetrable...Thanks to Fergus Coyle


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