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Rob Taylor
...go into Gotham accepting they are NOT using the comic or movie versions of characters. I've heard it called an Elsewords tale but it's not even that... it's just one possible version of mythology. Age differences are not THAT important when you consider that this Bruce Wayne could easily be in college (or that being his cover) aged 15 or so... he could be training from that age to be Batman so that when the first appearence of Bats (or Robin if he goes there first) could be very young compared to the lore. Harvey Dent was portrayed by actors 20 years older in both the Burton and Schumacher era, so that's no big problem. Same for Penguin, he is clearly 30 years older or so than Bats in most versions. Selina is a little bit older, Ivy a few years younger - not much problem there and Nygma may himself have been a "prodigy" and gone to college younger than usual, so he could be mid 30's by the time Bats rolls around... not a problem. Your point on Gordon is wrong, he's ALREADY FAILED... he knows he is as bad as it gets, cos he "killed" for Penguin. Things are only just beginning to get crazy and that failiure could see him become the jaded figure we expect. Some characters have already died... Richard Sionis, but his son Roman is the Black Mask we know...and a perfect "dark mirror" for Bruce. Sal Maroni could easily have a teenage or early 20's son... Jerome might NOT be dead (paralysis toxin, the side effect being permanent rictus grin perhaps?) There is a lot possible still.

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