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This season we have a new lead villain for both Arrow (CW) and Gotham (Fox). Of course there are other villains that pop up around our as a part of these new characters but Theo Galavan (Gotham) and Damien Darhk (Arrow) have been lined up as the new big bad for Gotham and Star City citizens. Surprisingly (or not) they both have a similar agenda this season as well, to destroy and cleanse their cities. They want something better, something new!

Theo Galavan's character is not found in any DC comic, though his sister Tabitha is probably 'The Tigress", who is a great DC villain. According to his character's story in Gotham he is a family member of an original Gotham family who wants to see his city thrive and be rid of the mess it is currently in. Theo's origins and future as the lead villain could be bigger than we expected. Could he be another famous DC villain. Ideas? According to executive producer Danny Cannon this season's villains are pioneers for Gotham:

"This season is about how one man will unleash and empower the villains and make them understand that they are more powerful than the people fighting against them," Cannon says. "They are the pioneers for Gotham. They are the ones who will change things because with chaos and destruction is the only way you can build. You can't rebuild a city without first destroying it." TV Guide August 19, 2015

Now the name Damien Darhk is in DC comics but he is relatively new (New Earth of DC) who opposes the Teen Titans. He is described as a baby faced criminal genius with ties to H.I.V.E. Actor Neal McDdonough may not be exactly baby faced he looks pretty good for 49! Darhk is not a huge character in the comics but the Arrow writers are great at giving smaller characters a promotion in the TV series. Below is a clip from Season 3 of Arrow. Here we get a lead from Ra's al Ghul regarding Damien Darhk, how was a horseman with the current Ra's, his interaction with the Lazarus Pitt, and his leadership of a "Hive" of agents. This "hive" phrase was also relayed to Diggle by Deadshot last season. So far we have much more info on Darhk than we do Galavan.

Both of these villains also have a plan for their cities Gotham and Star City. They see cities that are a shadow of what they once were or what they can be. Galavan wants to restore his city to what it once was. Darhk has another reason, he wants to kill the city so that something new may grow out of its remains. They may have slightly different motivations but using some of the same methods of chaos and destruction. Here are a few:

Gotham/Theo Galavan

  • Created hysteria via attacks on the people of Gotham using his team of Maniax.
  • Attacked the police station indirectly, using the criminals he broke out from Arkham Asylum. Significantly the introduction of a Joker-like character who killed the Commissioner and broadcast her death.
  • Attacked the new candidates for mayor (after he forced the former mayor to step down). He killed all the the former candidates via Penguin, leaving himself as the only surviving candidate.

Arrow/Damien Darhk

  • Created hysteria via attacks to secure the weapons he needed for the larger attack on Star City's new high speed train using his his team of Ghosts.
  • Attacked the police station shooting some officers including Laurel/Black Canary's father Detective Lance.
  • Attacked politicians throughout Star City. After introducing himself to the leaders of the city who are without a mayor he kills 3 city officials. As mentioned above he attacks a 4th city official, Detective Lance, who manages to escape because he's in league with Darhk!


So who do you think is the best new villain?


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