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The Corpse Bride came out back in 2005 and it is one of Tim Burton's best animated musicals, telling the story of a young woman who had been murdered and how she had moved on from her death.

It's a beautiful story of revenge, love, death, life, and beauty. However, there is something a lot of us haven't noticed in The Corpse Bride about the second female protagonist, Victoria.

Who is Victoria?

This. This is her.
This. This is her.

Victoria is Victor's first fiancee, the one who he would have married if he didn't accidentally marry a corpse. She is then engaged against her will to another man, Lord Barkis Bittern.

who killed Emily, the Corpse Bride, and plans to murder Victoria.

Victoria doesn't express herself much in her voice or her appearance, even being described as 'having the face of an otter' by her own parents. But, she certainly does express herself in her attire.


Back in Victorian England, white was not the standard color for a Wedding Dress. It could be any color, even black. The colors of the dresses however, do have meaning in Victoria's feelings about the marriage.

For Example, Victoria's Red Dress from the beginning of the movie shows that she would rather be dead than marry against her will. A woman wearing a red dress before her wedding is shown to be bad luck and the bride's way of rebelling against the marriage.

But wait, why would she be rebelling against the wedding after she has shown to like Victor? She does like him, as we can see by her getting more and more worried about him as the movie progresses. Well, to be blunt, she realizes she doesn't want to marry anyone else.

Then, we see Victoria's wedding dress for her wedding to Lord Barkin. The meaning of the white dress, to those already unaware, is that a white dress is how a bride consented to a marriage. It shows that she is willingly giving herself away (fun fact, Emily also consented to the marriage too, in her white dress).

Of course, we know that she isn't willing to give herself up to Barkin. She hates him with a burning passion of a thousand suns, so why would she? Her parents only arranged the wedding to get the family away from poverty, It's as simple as that.

It was the Wedding Dress for Victor

Victoria willingly wanted to marry Victor. That is obvious from their meeting onward throughout the film. The white dress most likely was made during the wedding rehearsal, so no one would see it yet. If Victoria already knew she wanted to marry Victor before the rehearsal, she could have chosen the color.

This theory also cannot be discredited by the wedding dress tradition of always having a white dress. The white dress was only a tradition AFTER Queen Victoria married. We do not have a setting, but we know it takes place in Victorian Era Britain (from the accents and the fashion). However, since it is not proven to be English accents or an English setting, we can say that this film could have taken place in Wales or Scotland.

But of course, this is only a theory.


What do you think about Victoria's dresses?


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