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I love movies. I watch just about everything but prefer horror and comedy!!! Let's have fun.
Kristi MaryJane McQuiston
  • So I know TWD is very popular, but Z Nation is wickedly awesome. Don't get me wrong I love TWD but I find myself getting excited for Friday nights. For those that never have seen it, it's like The Walking Dead meets Mad Max. Is so entertaining, it's got some awesome action, romance, some fatalities, and it has amazing humor. If you have never seen it, sorry for the spoiler, but this last episode they used a big round real cheese to get away from the z's but sending it rolling in to the Z's. Shoot it was still going when the show ended. Lmao

So at least check it out and if you don't like it, then don't watch it again. At least check out the first season you'll love what they use on the Z's.

Thanks for reading and don't forget Z Nation.


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