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I can completely understand why some people don't feel comfortable with their man going out with their buddies to a strip club, or even a bar for that matter. I personally think that if you can't trust your man in a pool full of naked people, then you shouldn't be dating that person. But that's just me.

A massage parlor, though? I think that's taking it way, way too far.

Apparently, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are caput after just six months of dating. And all due to the fact that Calvin Harris visited a Thai message parlor.

Sure, some are known for giving you more than just a massage (happy ending, anyone?) but Calvin has reportedly been explaining to Taylor that he would never do such a thing, and is pleading for a reconciliation.

Gawker looked into the particular parlor that Harris had gone off to relax at. According to reviews from customers who purposely seek out a "mouth massage," they were severely disappointed by the fact that the parlor gives out nothing more than quality massages.

That's right, Taylor. Nothing more.

One customer wrote:

“Get your mind out of the gutter. There’s no happy ending. Not even a happy beginning.”

And another:

“It was hard not to get a HE [happy ending] From her especially since she was so cute but it was not offered so I had no choice but to take a great massage experience.”

But just why is Calvin Harris really angry?

Again, this man is claiming he didn't do anything. I wish I could just tell Taylor to have a little trust in her man. But if she can't, then Calvin Harris deserves better. Bye Bye Taylor.

[Source: Uproxx]


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