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Mashup between New 52 and the Young Justice TV show. Keep an open mind with the age range. I focused more on the acting ability and kept everyone in their 20s some late 20s for the purpose of the future jump to the Invasion. I have to warn you some picks may be a bit maddening I try to be original as possible and I try not to use the same actors for multiple fan casts. This part of my DCCU so you will see some crossovers. Bare with me and enjoy or not

Luke Pasqualino - Robin/Nightwing

Skins and 3 Musketeers is what Pasqualino is known for. He's played a bad boy in Skins and a hero like in BBC's The Musketeers. He's a fresh face with the chops to pull off a troubled orphan turned sidekick turned leader of Young Justice. Luke's resume isn't the longest but when I saw him on Skins and then again on Snowpiercer along side Chris Evans I knew he was Robin. Plus he plays on BBC's The Musketeers as D'Artagnan so you know he could kick butt.

Shameik Moore - Wally West

If you haven't seen any of my other fan cast then this is totally new to you. I'm doing a mashup so here you have it the New 52 Wally West. Gripe all you want but I think it's pretty cool and Shameik Morre is just the guy to do it. If you've seen Dope he's shown why he's definitely and up and coming actor. He's funny which is exactly what's needed for West. I know the racial bending or swap isn't popular but I don't see the problem with the right story (which I have in my Flash Fan Cast). This would be pretty dope (pun intended).

Stephan James - Auqualad

John Boyega has been a hot name for this role. But I'm steering away from the norm and towards the unknown. Stephen James is a little younger than my other Young Justice original team members, but he exudes leadership and a commanding presence. I saw him for the first time in this short lived TV series The LA Complex that aired on CW. Selma he played political figure John Lewis where he showed his acting ability. He's perfect to bring the leadership hard-nose qualities that makes Kaldir'ahm.

Spencer Boldman - Connerr Kent

Conner is the genetic off spring off Lex Luthor and Superman. He was artificially created in a lab and discovered by Robin, Kid Flash, and Auqualad in the Young Justice cartoon. Boldman is fro m the Disney show lab rats where he plays a robot who save s the world. His character is all brawn and no brains. On Zapped he played the "cool kid" showing more of what I think makes him the perfect Conner Kent. I know the Disney stigma is a turnoff, but try forget the network and focus on the actor and you too shall be a believer.

Brenton Thwaites - Red Arrow

Thawites has star potential he's been really solid in movies like Maleficent and The Giver. He's perfect to bring out the emotionally unstable Red Arrow aka Speedy. On Oculus as a haunted teen Tim he proved he really had what it took. But, it was role as Jonas in he Giver that made me choose him for the role. He showed he was a leading man and could play the hero. Red Arrow will appear in one of my other fan cast so Thwaites would be n multiple films in my dream DCCU.

Ashley Benson - Artemis Crock

The daughter of two DC villains and the sister of the thorn in the teams side Cheshire. Benson I think is a legit actress who really showed me something in Spring Breakers and she did really well in Pretty Little Liars. On Pixels she displayed a bit of her fighting skills and whole lot of sexy. She'd bring the necessary roughness to Crock, but still keep her feminine. Artemis wasn’t a play on Green Arrow sidekick Arrowette, but I think it’s fitting for a role change. I would keep Artemis’s Tigress story arch and her retirement legit, but with a few tweaks. She wouldn’t be the daughter of Sportsmaster, and Paula Crock, just raised by them. Oliver would save her, retrain her once criminalized mind and make her part of the Team. She would be the centerpiece of a story arch.

Holland Roden- Miss Martian

Holland is a bit older than most but believe me she can play a teenager. Roden is a pretty good actress she's one of a few stars on MTV Teen Wolf. Her character on the show went through a transformation over the years which is why I think she's perfect for M'gann M'orzz who goes through a transformation herself.

Kat Graham - Rocket

She's either up and coming or just a really good costar, but as Bonnie on Vampire Diaries she's shown a ton of potential. Rocket joins the team late when everything gets crazy. Rocket is fiery funny and perfect for Graham.

Kaya Scodelario - Zatanna

As Effy on Skins she went from quite, background character to a gone off the deep end sexy seductress with more dialogue and an enticing presence, she was troubles and tortured. The Maze Runner got her recognized and showed why she was the next IT girl. In JL Dark she word be the ideal person to bring out the qualities needed to bring Zatana to life. Admittedly with this pick she was on a ton of lists, but I've had her on my mind the moment she popped up on the big screen.

Bad Guys

Michael K. Williams - Black Manta

Michael K. Williams is very talented if you haven't seen him check him out on The Wire (Omar). He has an intimidating look about him and swag that's needed for Manta out the suite. He has the voice and acting ability to really bring out the villain that goes toe to toe with Aquaman and a menace to the team.

Ben Barnes - Vandal Savage

Ok he doesn't look as rugged, but don't let the face fool you. Barnes has the look, cunning, dark, long hair etc. But he also has a decent resume including a role where he played something like an immortal. As Dorian Gray he played a role that resembles what Vandal Savge is. Savage is an excellent manipulator who was cursed with immortality. He's had an impact throughout history and now he wants to reign over the world. Barnes ability to bring out the qualities in Savage can be seen in 7th Son as the chosen one. And in Dorian Gray (as mentioned above) as an immortal.

Shay Mitchell - Cheshire

Cheshire is one the teams biggest foes. She's aggressive, violent and sexy. Mitchell looks the part, and she would be pretty nice as the assassin who helps Roy find his way. Cheshire would be the sister of Artemis just like the cartoon and her resentment would be her betrayal of the family. She would be a constant thorn in the side of the Team, but ultimately help Roy whom she has a child with.

Taylor Lautner - Black Spider

DC's ripoff on the Young Justice cartoon, but I imagine him a bit different like he's portrayed in Assault on Arkham as more of an assassin but I want a teenage version with a since of humor. Lautner is hated for a lot of reasons, but he brings comedy with skills in spades coming from Twilight and Abducted. I think Lautner as Black Spider would make the villain someone DC would put in multiple movies.

Jared Padalecki - Harm

Harm is just evil, he killed his sister and is a constant plague to the team in the comics. Padalecki is perfect for the role; he has star quality, the height, and the look to pull it off. Harm had one of the saddest stories on the carton that featured his dead sister whom he killed. Having him in this movie would be great.

There you have Pre Reach Young Justice Team. I intentionally didn’t post Deathstroke and some other bad guys here because I am posting them in other fan cast. Please like, share, comment, and follow. Thanks.


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