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Originally from my blog "Simba's Pride News"

Disney has made this time line outlining the time line of The Lion King franchise. Naturally Simba's Pride has it's own little section. Interestingly they use the 2004 special edition cover to represent it:

Also let's not forget the other Lion King projects that Kiara has had cameos in. Since she's officially the cub at the end of The Lion King, she has a cameo in almost all retellings of The Lion King.

Legend of The Lion King

Here we have Simba and Nala excitedly watching from the distance as Rafiki holds up their daughter, Kiara.

The Lion King on Broadway

Here's the time Kiara was her dad. Well...Kinda. They use the same puppet for baby Simba and Kiara. This puppet can be moved by the Rafiki actress so it looks like the cub is wiggling.

The Lion Guard

She may not be a baby in this, but this one is special. This marks her official return to The Lion King. Disney still considers the cub at the end to be Kiara, and in Lion King storybooks refer to her as "princess" and "daughter", but they rarely use her name anymore. However, The Lion Guard could change the tides.


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