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If you've been keeping up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then you know that last season Chloe Bennet's character was revealed as the Inhuman superhero, Quake.

We're only a few episodes into Season 3 so far and already they're building up Daisy to be a powerful leader as they begin hinting towards recruiting the Secret Warriors. So here at the Cool Nerd Show, we figured we'd ask the question: "Who exactly IS Daisy Johnson?"

[Watch Steve go over Daisy's character bio in the video above, or if you're not the video viewing type, read the blogged out version below]


Daisy is the illegitimate daughter of Calvin Zabo (Mr. Hyde) and a prostitute named Jennifer Johnson. Daisy is Inhuman, but due to her father experimenting on himself in decade's past, she did not need to go through terrigenesis. It is implied that Daisy is a protege of Nick Fury as he is the one who discovers her and even gives her Level 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. access (the highest level) at the age of 18.

Secret War - First Appearance

Daisy Johnson trembled her way into the Marvel scene in 2004 with Marvel's Secret War Book # 2. It was at this time that Nick Fury had learned Latverian Prime Minister, Lucia Von Bardas, had been funding small time supervillains and promoting terrorism. Fury assembled a secret covert team consisting of Daisy, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Daredevil to eliminate Von Bardas.

When the characters first meet Daisy, she is a bit of a mystery. No one knows who she is or what her abilities are. It is not until book five of five that we find out who Daisy is and what she can do. Fury instructed Daisy to bring down Lucia Von Bardas' castle, allegedly killing her at the time. The rest of the team disagreed with Fury's decision to use a young girl to kill. To avoid conflict, Fury erased the entire team's memory of the event except for Daisy's and Black Widow's.

One year later, Lucia had returned from her apparent death and enacted a revenge plan against the team. Daisy used her powers to pinpoint a vibration in Lucia's chest, killing her for good. After learning of what Fury did to his memories, Wolverine went into a feral rage and attacked Fury. To stop Wolverine, Daisy used her powers to explode his heart as well, knowing he would heal. After the events of Secret War, Daisy was interrogated by the new S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Maria Hill, who dismisses her of her duty.

House of M

Daisy aided the New Avengers and X-Men as they took on an overpowered Magneto possessed by the Collective. Surprisingly, Daisy was the one to bring Magneto down by inducing a vibration in his brain, causing him to lose consciousness. After the battle, Daisy told Captain America she wants her Avenger's name to be Quake, to which Cap tells her they're not looking for any new members—what a jerk!

Secret Invasion

Daisy later reunites with Fury to take on the forthcoming Skrull invasion. With Fury's help, Daisy recruits various heroes and villains to form and lead a new super team called the Secret Warriors. The team joined other superheroes and villains in New York City to defeat the Skrulls in an effort to save the world.

Although she took down Von Bardas, defeated Magneto and even exploded Wolverine's heart, Dasiy Johnson is still a small character in the Marvel universe. Staying loyal to Nick Fury, Daisy is always ready to uptake her next mission.


What was Daisy's biggest feat?

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