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Sometimes when a movie ends, you feel unfulfilled, and yearn for more. Lucky for you, many movies these days do go on to expand their story. Unlucky for you, it's sometimes the worst and unnecessary one's that do this as well. Let's have a look at some of the one's I feel need to die right now.

Transformers Franchise

Most likely the franchise this applies to the most, the Transformers Franchise films, are just not good. The first one is somewhat decent and it was nice seeing them in a live-action setting, and i'll admit the second is somewhat of a guilty pleasure movie for me, but it just abruptly stops there. The movies are just an orgy of explosions, hot chicks, giant robots, and "humor". Which sounds awesome at first, but quickly becomes an old and frankly a dumb thing to focus your WHOLE franchise on. I wouldn't even have much of a problem with it, but that last film, [Transformers: Age of Extinction](tag:206531), crossed the line. *Angry Rant Ahead*.

This particular film, is when I truly realized Michael Bay doesn't give a damn anymore. This is the worst for many reasons, mainly because it reflects everything wrong with these films. The characters acted like idiots, and not how a normal person would act or react. Each one did something inexplicable, or dumb, or inexplicably dumb. Also, it ran for two hours and 37 minutes, which is way to much for a movie, about NOTHING. So much from this movie could have been cut out, but oh well. *Rant Over*

And the fact that there are four more movies confirmed within the next 10 years, just shows the lack of some sort of great deity.

Fast & Furious Franchise

I realize this is the most popular one on this list, in fact it's the most enjoyable. Nevertheless, it's safe to say this franchise has run it's course (racing pun anyone?). While the current movies are better than a lot of the past ones, they're more or less the same at this point. "We're sort of with the government, but at the same time we're not, and we do some big heist while trying to take down some crime boss while we do incredibly improbable and insane stunts, oh and Vin Diesel says family... a lot."

I mean, the only thing truly special about the last film is the sendoff it gave to Paul Walker, which was touching and nice, so it would've been a nice way to end the series, but no because people love this stuff.

Side-note: If you want to have a good time with these movies, turn it into a drinking game and take a shot every time Vin Diesel says family. Actually, don't do that. You will most likely die of alcohol poisoning or end up in the hospital.

Paranormal Activity Franchise

*Sigh* God where do I begin? Okay, this movie has such an ego at this point. It keeps pumping out the same movies about some person recording suspicious activity. It's especially dumb with it's movie Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones being a spin-off, as if it thinks it's that relevant anymore. No, you're not. Know what you are, which is a bunch of found footage movies that only a handful of people are looking forward to seeing on Netflix. I mean, who still truly cares about "what's happening in here" continuity and storytelling wise? I sure as hell don't.

Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

Like most of you, I forget this franchise even existed. And if that's what happens to a series, it's best to not make anymore films. There was nothing all that special about these movies to begin with, so making as many movies as there are in the franchise currently, as well as adding more later on, doesn't really seem like a logical idea to me. I guess if you want to milk out Johnny Depp's name as much you can, then yeah go for it. I mean i really like the cast assembled here, but that's as far as it goes. This series will most likely fade out to the point where only very few even remember the name. I know I won't.

I realize I was a little harsh on a lot of these, but come on there was some truth to what's been said. Anyway, thanks for reading. Tell me, what franchise's do you think should end? Do you disagree with any on this list? Let me know in the comments, and follow me for more content. Thanks for reading and take care!


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