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We all know Batman is going to appear in Suicide Squad. But there is speculation that a certain ally of Batman's could have a role in the villainous team-up movie. The theories are that Scott Eastwood's character is none other Dick Grayson who is secretly undercover as a member of Task Force X. Now whether this theory is true or not remains to be seen, but there a theory out that worth throwing out there. Let's take a look at the possibilities.

Dick Grayson Is No Longer Nightwing

Dick Grayson is no longer known as Nightwing in the New 52. In the comics, Dick Grayson is exposed as Nightwing in an alternate universe and later abandons the title and works for a secret spy organization going under the alias as Agent 37. Now set photos of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice revealed a tombstone with the name 'Richard John Grayson' on it...that's Dick Grayson's birth name. Now that means one of two things: either Dick was born before or the same year as Bruce and is dead, or he is not really dead at all. That's right, personally I think Dick had his identity exposed in this universe as well and Bruce helped him out in faking his death toavoid risking capture. It would be the perfect excuse as to why that grave exists in Bruce's backyard...unless it is an easter egg.

Bruce Suspicious About Waller's Affairs

During filming of Suicide Squad, there were snapshots of Ben Affleck not only as Batman but as Bruce Wayne as well. Now usually a guy like Bruce Wayne is going to appear in places usually for a business meeting or at some event to keep up appearances. But my radar sense is telling me that Bruce Wayne is having a business meeting with none other than government official Amanda Waller. Why would Bruce Wayne meet with Waller you ask? Batman isn't Batman without being paranoid. Someone like Bruce would probably be suspicious of Waller's affairs and would take notice of a few things here and there. He would likely set up a meeting of the two and putting up his facade as usual would push the notion of what exactly Waller is up to. Of course we know Waller is in the government and she can't obviously reveal any types of activity. Now if Batman is this type of "myth" that no one has seen and Bruce is currently aware that the government doesn't approve of his actions and realizes Waller is keeping tracks on the "supers", it would definitely push Bruce even further to investigate Waller's shady activities. But obviously he can't do it from the outside, which brings up the next point.

Bruce sends Dick Undercover to investigate Waller's activities

Knowing he can't possibly get any information on what Waller is doing, he sends in Dick to pose as military to gather information from the inside. It makes perfect sense as in the Agent 37 comics Bruce does send Dick to do a mission for him undercover. Plus it seems to me that the military is overseeing Task Force X's mission so it would make perfect sense for Dick to act as a military soldier seeing how he has the type of training to pull it off. I mean doesn't Scott Eastwood have this shady type of face about him like he is hiding a big fat secret that no one can know about? During the trailer you can obviously see Eastwood's character being very close to the team. Now i know that could mean a lot of things but I'm willing to bet he is trying to gather as much intel as he can possibly can to send to Bruce.

And with all that possible information that ties back to Waller. A certain Caped Crusader will be more than happy to take a visit.

Batman Meets With Waller

Rumors report that Batman will meet with Amanda at some point during the film and that he threatens her about her villainous team. Now the whole "Dick being undercover thing" makes sense as Batman can't possibly know about her team without some inside info. So that is where Dick giving Bruce information would add a lot of weight into that rumor. Obviously Batman and Amanda Waller have butt heads before in the comics and certain media, so him warning her about her shady government business comes as no surprise. And seeing how possibly the government and Batman aren't on the best of terms, this would add much more fuel to the fire with an obvious warning.

Now once again this is just a theory on what Batman role could be in the film and who exactly Scott Eastwood plays in the film and how it all ties into the plot. Could Scott Eastwood be Deathstroke? Possibly but I highly doubt it as someone much bigger and more menacing should take on the role as the master assassin. This whole Dick Grayson being undercover theory just makes too much sense to me from a storytelling standpoint. But hey, I could be kicking rocks and Batman's role could just be reduced to a flashback and Scott Eastwood could be Deathstroke or someone else, who knows. In the end we're just going to have to see the movie.

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