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Why it could work

With Marvel tapping into Black Panther set for Phase 3, DC could do something similar with one of their characters, Batwing. They could set Batwing up in a country in Africa taking on Father Lost, a cult leader who controls a huge part of Africa by manipulation and murder. This would be a total standalone film, no team up at all.

Father Lost isn't a big time comic villain, but he could be excellent here. His story would tie into David and Issac Zavimbe. Father Lost would be one of their sergeants who went rogue, taking Issac and David under his wing. David leaves, but his brother stays. David leaves his brother in an attempt to start a new life in America. He then takes on the mantle of Batwing with a mission to take back his home. David would be stripped of the costume after he kills one of Father Lost's followers out of revenge. Luke Fox, without the knowledge of his father, (who is in Africa) will take on the heroic responsibilities.

Once Batman sends Luke to Africa after some intended moments with his father, the film would jump a couple of years.

Batwing (Luke Fox) - Aldis Hodge

Batwing is the son of Liscious Fox who took the mantle from David Zavimbe. Aldis made a name for himself as Alec Hardison, the charmingly funny hacker who is something like a cyber hero on Leverage. It was in Staight Outta Compton that he played a quiet but important member of the NWA MC Ren. He was the writer that worked with ICE Cube to create some of NWA's greatest hits. He has a future project co-starring with Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher 2. He has everything you look for that would bring Luke Fox to the big screen. Luke will take on the mantle pretty early in the film after Batman strips it from David. Batman will choose Luke because he knows him and trust he'd do a better job than David, who couldn't handle it.

Jamie Foxx as Lucius Fox

Fox is Bruce Wayne's business partner who finds out his son is Batwing the wrong way. I know Fox and Affleck are the same age, but I think it would make it even more cool having them the same age. He would provide something extra if they happen to meet up. It would be gold. Fox would play a huge role in the movie not just because he's Jamie Foxx, but his son would need help. He would need an Alfred to his Batman. Plus, you need a few stars to make a movie like this a draw an audience. Jamie would bring the seriousness needed for Luscious, but I would like him to bring a little bit of comedy to the role as well. Luscious will be one of many people trying to help with the crime in Africa. He would assist David on many occasions. He will be upset once he finds out Luke had been training and accepted the responsibility of Batwing.

Trai Byers - Menace

Menace is a former friend of Luke Fox, with revenge on his mind after being bullied. Trai Byers has the intimidating look and the ability to play an outspoken, vengeful geek turned murderer. He was a leader and outspoken in Selma. Empire is why I selected him. He has the chops to make Menace worth while. His acting ability was on full display as he struggles with his disorder. Menace would be under the influence of Father Lost and a perfect villain for Batwing.

Omar Hardwick - Massacre/Issac Zavimbe

He's a merciless killing machine from Africa. The brother of former Batwing, David Zavimbe. I'd like to see Issac as the older brother who accepted and excelled at the life of killing. Hardwick is ideal because everything about him screams intimidation. He's a really solid actor who's skills are on display on Starz's hit show Power, where he plays Ghost, a big-time drug dealer. Like Ghost, Massacre is a killer; where Ghost is smooth, faceless, and has a heart, Massacre is reckless and merciless. Massacre and Menace would both be working for Father Lost.

Claire Holt - Lady Vic

A sexy assassin with a terrible family history and member of the Injustice League. Claire Holt was chosen because she exudes star power. She's mostly done TV work (Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Aquarius). Holt has the look and the voice of a bad girl. She's not a household name by any stretch, but I think she would nail this role. Lady Vic will play a small part in this film, more so as a quick foe who is working with a secret society to take down members of the Bat Family. She would tangle with Batwing before he is sent to Africa.

Keke Palmer as Zena Zlenko

She is the love interest of Luke. Palmer could be a breakout star. She has a few upcoming movies: Ice Age, Barbershop 3, and you can see her in Scream Queens. She's a beast and she would bring Zlenko to life in a big way. For this film, I would like Zena to become Dawn, a gun slinging vigilante who seeks justice against Father Lost.

Damian Lewis as Charlie Caligula

Charlie is a man with a plan to rule an empire. He's tried to take down Nightwing, and he's had problems with Batman in the past. He's an aspiring ruler that fails to truly accomplish what the Great Julius Caesar did. Lewis may not be wildly popular, but I assure you he act very well. Don't believe me? check him out in the Emmy-winning Homeland where he plays an ex Marine Corp Sniper who struggles to adapt as a civilian. Charlie will be a partner to Father Lost, but has a plan to overthrow him. Father Lost will kill Charlie once he finds out he's trying to overthrow him.

Roger Cross as Lion-Mane

Lion-Mane was a ruler in Africa before the Marabunta took over, he seeks revenge on Batwing after losing a battle, and he's joined forces with Cheetah. Cross is no stranger to TV or comic adaptions. His roles in X2 and Arrow make him seasoned in the comic world. Plus he's been on The Strain, Dark Matter, and Continuum. Plus he has the voice to boot. Cross has the look to pull off the crazed, deranged murderer. For this film, Lion-Mane will go toe to toe with Bats, just short of killing him before he is defeated with the help of Luscious Fox, who takes him to jail in America. He will be another one of Father Lost's pawns. But unlike the other, he would be his right hand man, because of his ability. Lion-Main will make another fan cast appearance.

Djimon Hounsou as Father Lost

Hounsou was a fan favorite for Black Panther, he's a great actor and he can fight. He has an intimidating factor that would be perfect to bring out the unknown of Father Lost. For this film, he would be a mastermind behind all the trouble in a large portion of Africa. As Father Lost, Hounsou would tap into his evil, evil, menacing side.

There it is, a Batwing original. DC probably won't make it, but I hope you enjoyed this fan cast. Please continue to follow me, I will be posting more casts. I know I'm DC heavy right now, but I will be switching it up. Thanks for reading.


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