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[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) is quite possibly the most anticipated movie of all time, and will continue the legacy of the original, classic sci-fi film franchise (let's just forget about the prequels). Since this is such a huge event, there are obviously a lot of diehard fans that have a Christmas wish list of things for the magical J.J. Abrams to deliver in this new continuation of films, and I'm here to point out five particular things I want to see from this film, and other, future projects. So let's jump right into the Sarlacc pit together, and take a look at the five things I think should happen in the new Star Wars films.

1. The New Republic

Out with the old...
Out with the old...

In continuations of the Star Wars timeline, the Jedi order is revived by Luke Skywalker, as he takes over Yoda's job as Grand Master. This is referred to as The New Republic era, and while not everyone was happy with the representation of the Old Republic, I'm sure that this era would be better since it's a continuation of the original trilogy.

2. Yoda

If Luke Skywalker does become the new Grand Master of the Jedi order, who better is there to take advice from than a ghostly Yoda? He's become quite possibly the most iconic character from the Star Wars series, and not seeing a Frank Oz operated puppet of him one more time could ruin the whole trilogy for me.

3. Han Solo's origins

We all know the origins of Luke and Leia, but where did Han come from? Why did he become a bounty hunter? Where did he meet Chewbacca? There are so many things we want to know about Han Solo that are left unanswered, and hopefully the new Star Wars films will reveal them.

4. More iconic Sith Lords

We've seen the baddest of the bad make it into the Sith order, and we know that Kylo Ren will be joining those ranks, but who will be the Emperor of the Sith now? And how many other Siths will we see besides Kylo Ren? Something tells me that this one character can't be the only big bad out there, and I can't wait to find out who else there is.

5. More amazing actors

There have been so many spectacular actors in all of the Star Wars movies, and so many more great modern actors announced, that I can't wait to see who they'll get to be in the rest of the movies. Chris Pratt? Robert Downey Jr.? Ben Affleck? There are so many A-listers that would jump at the chance to be in Star Wars, and so many that we would love to see in the movies! A good cast usually means a good movie, and I would love to see that dynamic for a Star Wars movie.


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