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Marvel's Netflix series aren't rated TV-MA for mature audiences for no reason! With Daredevil, it was mostly violence, as the audience watched a man skewer his own head with a stake and Kingpin brutally bash a guy's head off his body. However, with Jessica Jones, it seems it'll more than likely earn its TV-MA rating from sexual content.

(WARNING: Spoilers)

At the New York Comic-Con this weekend, fans were shown the very first episode of Jessica Jones, and it appears a very famous sex scene between Jones and love interest Luke Cage from the comics will be included in the show's premiere. Listen to's description of how the scene has been interpreted in the show's pilot episode:

Smash cut to Luke on top of Jessica in his bed, going at it with a sexual fury unlike anything Marvel (or DC, for that matter) has even come close to putting on screen. She eggs him on, and when he warns her that she might not be able to take it, she insists she can. At that point, he flips her over and starts taking her from behind while the camera focuses on her impassioned face. It's a scene where Jessica is in total control of her sexuality. Whatever her reason may be for banging Luke, she's doing it on her terms. It's the way real-life grown-ups have sex, not the way neutered TV superheroes do. The audience at Comic Con seemed to simultaneously clutch its pearls and lean forward in titillated fascination.

On top of this rather graphic description, the show will also dive into discussions of sexuality, with Jessica Jones and character Trish Walker alluding to having previously having a relationship, as well as jumping into issues of the PTSD-like effects of Jessica's rape by the show's villain, the Purple Man (played by David Tennant).

While some might suggest Jessica Jones' opening up these cans of worms is a bad idea for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I believe this is Marvel using an opportunity for awareness. There is a clear line between consent and force that is too often shied away from due to the uncomfortable nature of talking about sex, and the world can always use a friendly reminder. With the series showing the depression and desire to be able to feel happy again after being raped, hopefully society will become a little more informed at just how damaging sexual assault can be to a person.


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