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[Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) was arguably the biggest action blockbuster of the year. It banked in over $370 Million dollars at the box office becoming the 15th highest grossing film of 2015.

Not only did it do great at the box office, the film received generally positive reviews from both fans and critics alike and it's even generating Oscar buzz. Its beautiful cinematography and storytelling dazzled audiences and made film buffs like myself instantly miss Director George Miller's style of film-making.

George certainly didn't do it alone. He was lucky enough to have an amazing cast on his side. This cast included: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Mad Max returner Hugh Keays-Byrne.

But the stand out of this cast was none other than Furiosa's Charlize Theron. Who completely took audiences by surprise with her dominating film presence. Making fans wonder if she'll be as prominent in the entire Max franchise, as Miller has already green-lit two or three sequels.

Fans will either be pissed or delighted to know that we will NOT be getting as much Furiosa in the Mad Max sequels.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Miller stated that actress Charlize Theron isn't slated for a starring role in the planned sequel The Wasteland.

Miller explained that Theron will only appear in the blockbuster sequel briefly, although the writing process is still ongoing.

Fans adored Theron's badass portrayal of Furiosa. She was the needed sidekick for Max and she arguably took a lot of the attention away from the franchise star, played by the menacing Tom Hardy. But, will this affect the success of the sequel?

I don't believe so.

For hardcore fans of the Mad Max franchise the biggest complaint going around was not seeing enough screen time and dialogue from the title character. This minor edit upset some fans while it created new fans. I think Miller realizes this, so Furiosa will appear, she just won't be the main focus as she was in Fury Road.

I'm sure this means that Millers efforts will go towards another aspect of the film. Which for fans could be fantastic news. Imagine the new Mad Max universe characters we may be getting. Or even more exciting, maybe old characters could return.

Also, with the addition of new characters, I'm positive that Miller would like to dive a little more into the character of our new Mad Max played by Tom Hardy.

Fans definitely deserve a little more depth when it comes to his personality and backstory. And in general we'd like to hear him talk more about the things he's been through and not be such a brute. We know Mel Gibson didn't talk very much as Max but it's the times he did speak that made him relatable to us audience members. It made us feel as though this average Joe, who lost his family, was just trying to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland.

I think we may have lost sight of that in Fury Road with the focus being on Furiosa.


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